Great Breach and Copley Woods

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Great Breach and Copley Woods
Site of Special Scientific Interest
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Great Breach and Copley Woods is located in Somerset
Great Breach and Copley Woods
Location within Somerset
Area of SearchSomerset
Grid referenceST500320
Coordinates51°05′06″N 2°42′55″W / 51.08513°N 2.71523°W / 51.08513; -2.71523Coordinates: 51°05′06″N 2°42′55″W / 51.08513°N 2.71523°W / 51.08513; -2.71523
Area64.8 hectares (0.648 km2; 0.250 sq mi)
Notification1972 (1972)
Natural England website

Great Breach and Copley Woods (grid reference ST500320) is a 64.8 hectare (160 acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest 1 km south of Compton Dundon and 5 km south-east of Street in Somerset, England, notified in 1972.

This is a Nature Conservation Review Woodland Site, owned and managed by the Somerset Wildlife Trust. The site consists of ancient and semi-natural broadleaved woodland. Two woodland types with a restricted distribution in Britain occur and the site supports a locally important invertebrate fauna. Additional interest lies in the fungi of which 470 species have been recorded. 29 resident breeding species of butterfly have been recorded. The notable Duke of Burgundy (Hamearis lucina) is of particular interest. Moths are well represented and include the nationally rare Ethmia terminella and Dystebenna stephensi. Three nationally rare species of Hoverfly: Cheilosia carbonaria, Xylota abiens and X. xanthocnema are also present.[1]


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