Field hockey in Great Britain

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Field hockey in Great Britain
Governing body Great Britain Hockey
Nickname(s)GB Hockey
First playedEarly/mid 1800's.
Registered playersEstimate 32,000
Clubs1145 (~1050 English ~60 Scottish ~35 Welsh)
National competitions
Great Britain Super League (defunct)

Field hockey in Great Britain is governed by Great Britain Hockey. The organisation focuses on international competition only.[1]


GB Hockey reports on the Great Britain and National Men's and Women's teams, the Olympic Games, Hockey World Cup and other international events.

Domestic competition is organised by England Hockey,[2] Scottish Hockey,[3] Welsh Hockey[4] and Irish Hockey[5] that features all National competition.

Great Britain Super League[edit]

The Great Britain Super League was established by Great Britain Hockey in 2007 as a showcase for British hockey talent. The event was shortlived running from 2007 until 2012 and is now defunct. The inaugural teams were from England (Wessex Leopards, Saxon Tigers and Pennine Pumas), Scotland (Caledonian Cougars and Highland Jaguars) and Wales (Celtic Panthers) competing. Players from the national leagues represented their relevant region.


Men's Super League[edit]

Women's Super League[edit]

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