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A list of Great Britain commemorative stamps 2000–2009:


Issue Number Issue Date Issue Title Details of stamps in issue Designer(s)
2000-01-18 Above and Beyond 19p, 26p, 44p, 64p. The 26p design was re-issued on May 26 with a 1st value, this was only found in stamp booklets.
2000-02-01 Fire and Light 19p, 26p, 44p, 64p
2000-03-07 Water and Coast 19p, 26p, 44p, 64p
2000-04-04 Life and Earth 2nd, 1st, 44p, 64p
2000-05-02 Art and Craft 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2000-05-23 Her Majesty's Stamps Miniature Sheet featuring five X 1st
2000-06-06 People and Places 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2000-07-04 Stone and Soil 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2000-08-01 Tree and Leaf 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2000-08-04 100th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Miniature Sheet included four X 27p stamps. A single 27p value stamp was issued, featuring Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
2000-09-05 Mind and Matter 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2000-10-03 Body and Bone 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2000-11-07 Spirit and Faith (Christmas) 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2000-12-05 Sound and Vision 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2001-01-16 Rights of the Child - Face Paintings 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p
2001-02-06 Occasions Greetings Five X 1st
2001-02-13 Cats and Dogs Ten X 1st
2001-03-13 The Weather 19p, 27p, 45p, 65p and Miniature Sheet featuring all four stamps
2001-04-10 Centenary of Royal Navy Submarine Service 2nd, 1st, 45p, 65p D Davis[1]
2001-05-15 150th Anniversary of First Double-decker Bus Five X 1st and Miniature Sheet featuring all five stamps
2001-06-19 Fashion Hats 19p, 27p, 45p, 65p
2001-07-10 Europa. Pond Life 19p, 27p, 45p, 65p
2001-09-04 Punch and Judy Show Puppets 6 X 1st issued se-tenant in horizontal strips. Two stamps featuring 'Punch' and 'Judy' were also issued as self-adhesive stamps in stamp booklets only
2001-10-02 Centenary of Nobel Prizes 2nd, 1st, E, 40p, 45p, 65p
2001-11-06 Christmas Robins 5 X self-adhesive stamps. 2nd, 1st, E, 45p, 65p
2002-01-15 Rudyard Kipling 10 X self-adhesive stamps 1st
2002-02-06 Queen's Golden Jubilee 2nd, 1st, E, 45p, 65p
2002-03-05 Occasions Greetings 5 X 1st
2002-03-19 British Coastlines 10 X 27p
2002-04-10 Circus 2nd, 1st, E, 45p, 65p. Originally scheduled to be issued on 9th April, but delayed due to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Ron Fuller
2002-04-25 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Commemoration 1st, E, 45p, 65p
2002-05-02 Passenger Jet Aviation 2nd, 1st, E, 45p, 65p Roundel
2002-05-21 World Cup Football 5 X 1st
2002-07-16 17th Commonwealth Games 2nd, 1st, E, 47p, 68p
2002-08-20 Peter Pan 2nd, 1st, E, 47p, 68p
2002-09-10 London Bridges 2nd, 1st, E, 47p, 68p
2002-10-08 150th Anniversary of first pillar box 2nd, 1st, E, 47p, 68p
2002-11-05 Christmas 2nd, 1st, E, 47p, 68p
2003-01-14 Birds of Prey 10 X 1st
2003-02-04 Greetings Stamps "Occasions" 6 X 1st
2003-02-25 50th Anniversary of Discovery of DNA 2nd, 1st, E, 47p, 68p
2003-03-25 Fun Fruit and Vegetables 10 X 1st - Strawberry, Potato, Apple, Red Pepper, Pear, Orange, Tomato, Lemon, Cabbage, Asparagus
2003-04-29 Extreme Endeavours (British Explorers) 2nd (Amy Johnson), 1st (1953 Everest Expedition Team), E (Freya Stark), 42p (Ernest Shackleton), 47p (Francis Chichester), 68p (Robert Falcon Scott)
2003-06-02 50th Anniversary of Coronation 10 x 1st
2003-06-17 21st Birthday of Prince William of Wales 28p, E, 47p, 68p
2003-07-15 A British Journey, Scotland 2nd, 1st, E, 42p, 47p, 68p
2003-08-12 Europa, British Pub Signs 1st, E, 42p, 47p, 68p
2003-09-18 Classic Transport Toys 1st, E, 42p, 47p, 68p plus a MS. The 1st Class stamp was also issued in self-adhesive form in a booklet
2003-10-07 250th Anniversary of the British Museum 2nd, 1st, E, 42p, 47p, 68p
2003-11-04 Christmas 2003 2nd, 1st, E, 42p, 47p, 68p
2003-12-19 England's Victory in Rugby World Cup sheet Miniature Sheet (2 x 1st and 2 x 68p)
2004-01-13 Classic locomotives
2004-02-03 Occasions 2004
2004-02-26 The Lord of the Rings
2004-03-16 Northern Ireland
2004-04-06 Entente Cordiale
2004-04-13 Ocean Liners
2004-05-25 Royal Horticultural Society
2004-06-05 Wales
2004-08-10 Royal Society of Arts
2004-09-16 Woodland Animals
2004-10-12 Crimea
2004-11-02 Christmas 2004
2005-07-05 60th Anniversary of End of the Second World War J Gorham[2]
2005-08-23 Europa. Gastronomy. Changing Tastes in Britain Catell Ronca[3]
2006-04-18 Her Majesty The Queen's 80th Birthday . Sedley Place[4]
2006-09-21 Victoria Cross 1st (Jack Cornwell), 1st (Agansing Rai), 62p (Charles Lucas), 64p (Noel Chavasse), 72p (Albert Ball), 72p (Charles Upham); miniature sheet featuring all six stamps plus a 20p Victoria Cross stamp from the 1990 Gallantry Awards issue; Coin Cover featuring all six stamps plus two uncirculated cupro-nickel commemorative 50p coins (one has the Victoria Cross as its main feature while the second portrays a soldier carrying a wounded comrade)
2006-10-03 Sounds of Britain 1st (Bollywood and Bhangra), 42p (Africa and the Caribbean), 50p (Celtic), 72p (Jazz and Blues), £1.19 (Latin American Salsa)
2006-11-07 Christmas 2006 1st (Father Christmas), 1st Large (Father Christmas), 2nd (Snowman), 2nd Large (Snowman), 72p (Reindeer), £1.19 (Christmas Tree)
2007-01-09 The Beatles 1st (With the Beatles), 1st (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band), 64p (Help!), 64p (Abbey Road), 72p (Let It Be), 72p (Revolver); Miniature Sheet showing a selection of Beatles memorabilia over four stamps (4x1st), the pictured collector's items include a Beatles guitar, lunchbox, 45rpm single and a Tea Tray
2007-02-01 Sea Life 10 different 1st designs, featuring Moon jellyfish, Common starfish, Beadlet anemone, Bass, Thornback ray, Lesser octopus, Common mussels, Grey seal, Shore crab and Common sunstar
2007-02-13 Sky at Night 1st (Saturn Nebula C55), 1st (Eskimo Nebula C39), 50p (Helix Nebula C63), 50p (Cat’s Eye Nebula C6), 72p (Flaming Star Nebula C31), 72p (The Spindle C53); Medal featuring the image of Sir Patrick Moore on one side and a telescope on the reverse
2007-03-01 World of Invention 1st (the works of Thomas Telford), 1st (George Stephenson's achievements on the railways), 64p (Alexander Graham Bell), 64p (John Logie Baird), 72p (Tim Berners-Lee), 72p (space travel); Miniature Sheet featuring all six stamps and an original patent drawing by Alan Dower Blumlein; The Prestige Stamp Book written by Adam Hart-Davis which traces the development of communications technology from Roman Roads to the Moon landings. It contains four unique Stamp Panes including Welsh and Scottish Definitives in honour of Thomas Telford
2007-03-22 Abolition of the Slave Trade 1st (William Wilberforce), 1st (Olaudah Equiano),50p (Thomas Clarkson), 50p (Granville Sharp), 72p (Hannah More), 72p (Ignatius Sancho); limited edition Coin Cover of 20,000 which includes an uncirculated £2 coin bearing a symbolic chain motif on one side
2007-04-23 Celebrating England 1st (English Definitive Crowned Lion of England), 1st (English Definitive St George Cross Flag), 78p (St George and the Dragon), 78p (Houses of Parliament) - all released as a single miniature sheet
2007-05-15 Beside the Seaside 1st (Ice cream cone), 46p (Sandcastle), 48p (Merry Go Round), 54p (Beach huts), 69p (Deckchairs), 78p (Donkeys)
2007-05-17 Wembley miniature sheet featuring four English Definitive stamps (2x2nd and 2x78p) and one commemorative Crowned Lion of England stamp (1st)
2007-06-05 The Machine Definitive 1st (first Machin stamp), 1st (portrait of Arnold Machin), £1.00 (violet machin - final appearance), £1.00 (ruby machin - first appearance)
2007-07-03 Grand Prix 1st (1957 Vanwall 2.5L driven by Stirling Moss), 1st (1962 BRM P57 driven by Graham Hill),54p (1963 Lotus 25 Climax driven by Jim Clark), 54p (1973 Tyrell 006/2 driven by Jackie Stewart), 78p (1976 McLaren M23 driven by James Hunt), 78p (1986 Williams FW11 driven by Nigel Mansell)
2007-07-17 Harry Potter seven 1st featuring the covers of Harry Potter books and a miniature sheet featuring four 1st stamps containing the coats of arms of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Hogwarts
2007-07-26 Scouts 1st (11 of the 12 astronauts who walked on the Moon were once Scouts), 46p (The youngest climber of the highest peaks on all 7 continents was a Scout), 48p (450,000 UK Scouts take part in community projects every year), 54p (Adult Scout volunteers give over 360 million hours of time each year), 69p (The first non-stop solo flight around the world was made by a Scout), 78p (Scouting is the largest youth movement in the world with 28 million members)
2007-09-04 Birds ten 1st featuring white-tailed eagle, bearded tit, red kite, cirl bunting, marsh harrier, avocet, bittern, Dartford warbler, corncrake, and peregrine
2007-09-20 British Army Uniforms 1st (NCO Royal Military Police 1999), 1st (Tank Commander 5th Royal Tank Regiment 1944), 1st (Observer Royal Field Artillery 1917), 78p (Rifleman 95th Rifles 1813), 78p (Grenadier Royal Regiment of Foot of Ireland), 78p (Trooper Earl of Oxford's Horse 1661)
2007-10-16 HM The Queen's Diamond Wedding Anniversary 1st (The Queen and Prince Philip leave St Paul’s Cathedral, 15 June 2006), 1st (The Queen and Prince Philip inspect the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery in Regents Park, 30 April 1997), 54p (The Queen and Prince Philip at the Garter Ceremony, Windsor, 16 June 1980), 54p (The Queen and Prince Philip at Royal Ascot, 1969), 78p (The Queen and Prince Philip at the Premier of The Guns of Navarone, 27 April 1961), 78p (Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten at Clydebank, 1947); also miniature sheet, coin cover and prestige booklet?
2007-11-06 Christmas 2007 1st (The Angel of Goodwill), 2nd (The Angel of Peace), 78p (The Angel of Joy), £1.24 (The Angel of Glory), 1st (Madonna and Child by Lippo di Dalmasio), 2nd (Madonna and Child by William Dyce)
2007-11-08 Lest We Forget 2007 - Passchendaele miniature sheet featuring a poppy design stamp (1st) and four 78p Country Definitives
2008-01-08 Ian Fleming's James Bond book covers 1st (Casino Royale), 1st (Dr. No), 54p (Goldfinger), 54p (Diamonds Are Forever), 78p (For Your Eyes Only), 78p (From Russia, with Love)
2008-02-05 Working Dogs 1st (Assistance dog), 46p (Mountain Rescue Dog), 48p (Police Dog), 54p (Customs Dog), 69p (Sheepdog), 78p (Guide Dogs)
2008-02-28 The Houses of Lancaster and York 1st (Henry IV), 1st (Henry V), 54p (Henry VI), 54p (Edward IV), 69p (Edward V), 69p (Richard III); miniature sheet featuring 1st (Owain Glyndŵr), 1st (Battle of Agincourt), 78p (Battle of Tewkesbury), 78p (William Caxton)
2008-03-11 Celebrating Northern Ireland 1st (Carrickfergus Castle), 1st (Giant's Causeway), 78p (St Patrick by Clare Melinsky), 78p (Queen's Bridge and the Thanksgiving Beacon) released as a single miniature sheet
2008-03-13 Mayday - Rescue at Sea 1st (Barra), 46p (Appledore), 48p (Portland), 54p (St Ives), 69p (Lee-on-Solent), 78p (Dinbych-Y-Pysgod/Tenby)
2008-04-15 Insects ten 1st featuring Adonis blue, southern damselfly, red barbed ant, barberry carpet moth, stag beetle, hazel pot beetle, field cricket, silver-spotted skipper, Purbeck mason wasp, noble chafer
413 2008-05-13 Cathedrals 1st (Lichfield Cathedral), 48p (Belfast Cathedral), 50p (Gloucester Cathedral), 56p (St David's Cathedral), 72p (Westminster Cathedral), 81p (St Magnus Cathedral); miniature sheet comprising four stamps (2x1st and 2x81p) making up an image of St Paul's Cathedral
2008-06-10 Classic Carry On and Hammer Films 1st (Carry on Sergeant, 1958), 48p (Christopher Lee's Dracula), 50p (Carry on Cleo), 56p (The Curse of Frankenstein, 1957), 72p (Carry on Screaming), 81p (The Mummy)
2008-07-17 Airshows 1st and 50p (The Red Arrows), 48p (RAF Falcons), 56p (Avro Vulcan Prototypes and Avro 707s), 72p (?), 81p (WB Moorhouse)
2008-08-22 Olympic Games (The Handover) 1st (London Eye), 1st (Corner Tower, Forbidden City), 1st (Tower of London), 1st (Beijing National Stadium)
2008-09-18 RAF Uniforms 1st (Drum Major, RAF Central Band 2007; Helicopter Rescue Winchman 1984; Hawker Hunter Pilot 1951), 81p (Lancaster Air Gunner 1944; Plotter, WAAF 1940; Pilot, 1918)
2008-09-29 50th Anniversary of Country Definitives
2008-10-14 Women of Distinction 1st (Millicent Garrett Fawcett), 48p (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson), 50p (Marie Stopes), 56p (Eleanor Rathbone), 72p (Claudia Jones), 81p (Barbara Castle)
2008-11-04 Christmas 2008: Pantomimes 1st and 1st Large (Aladdin's Genie), 2nd and 2nd Large (Ugly sisters from Cinderella), 50p (Captain Hook from Peter Pan), 81p (Wicked Queen from Snow White). Madonna and Child stamps from Christmas 2007 (1st - Madonna of Humility, 2nd - Madonna and Child) also being reissued.
2008-11-06 Lest We Forget 2008 1st (Poppy with image of soldier), 4 x 81p country definitives
2009-01-13 British Design Classics 10 X 1st - the Supermarine Spitfire (R. J. Mitchell), the Mini Skirt (Mary Quant), the Mini (Sir Alec Issigonis), the Anglepoise Lamp (George Carwardine), Concorde (Aérospatiale-BAC), the K2 Telephone Kiosk (Sir Giles Gilbert Scott), the Hille Polypropylene Chair (Robin Day), Penguin Books covers (Edward Young), the London Underground Map (Harry Beck), the Routemaster Bus (design team led by AAM Durrant).[5]
2009-01-22 250th Anniversary Birth of Robert Burns
2009-01-12 200th Anniversary Birth of Charles Darwin 6 stamps + MS
2009-02-26 Celebrating Wales MS
2009-03-10 Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution . Webb and Webb[6]
2009-04-21 Kings & Queens Part 2 (Tudors) 6 stamps + MS
2009-05-19 Endangered Plants & 250th Anniversary of Kew Gardens 10 stamps + MS
2009-06-16 Mythical Creatures 6 stamps
2009-07- Olympic Disciplines 10 stamps
2009-08-18 Postboxes MS
2009-09-01 Fire Brigade 6 stamps
2009-09-17 Royal Navy Uniforms 6 stamps
2009-10-08 Eminent Britons 10 stamps, including Mary Wollstonecraft
2009-10-22 Olympic & Paralympic Games 20 stamps
2009-11-03 Christmas - The Nativity Story as depicted on church stained glass 7 stamps + MS + Smilers

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