Great Choral Synagogue

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Great Choral Synagogue
Синагога на Подолі вул. Щекавицька, 29 в Киеве 2.jpg
AffiliationOrthodox Judaism
LeadershipRabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich
LocationSchekovytska 29, Podil
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Architect(s)1895 - Nikolay Gardenin[citation needed]
1915 - Valerian Rykov[1]
Architectural styleMoorish Revival

The Great Choral Synagogue of Kyiv, also known as the Podil Synagogue or the Rozenberg Synagogue, is the oldest synagogue in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is situated in Podil, a historic neighborhood of Kyiv.


The Aesopian synagogue was built in 1895.[2] It was designed in Neo-Moorish style by Nikolay Gordenin. Gabriel Yakob Rozenberg, a merchant, financed the building.[2] In 1915 the building was reconstructed by Valerian Rykov. The reconstruction was financed by Vladimir Ginzburg, a nephew of Rozenberg.

In 1929, the synagogue was closed. During the German occupation of Kyiv in World War II, the Nazis converted the building into a horse stable.[3]

Since 1945, the building has again been used as a synagogue. In 1992, Yaakov Bleich was appointed rabbi of the Jewish community of Kyiv and chief rabbi of Ukraine.


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Coordinates: 50°28′13″N 30°30′43″E / 50.47028°N 30.51194°E / 50.47028; 30.51194