Great Hiwassee

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Coordinates: 35°14′27″N 84°33′49″W / 35.24085°N 84.56361°W / 35.24085; -84.56361

The site of Great Hiwassee

Great Hiwassee (Ayuhwasi Egwaha) was an important Overhill Cherokee town from the late 17th through the early 19th centuries. It was located on the Hiwassee River in present-day Polk County, Tennessee, on the north bank of the river where modern U.S. Route 411 crosses the river. The site is now part of the Tennessee Forestry Division's East Tennessee Nursery.

The town was linked to Great Tellico and Chota to the north, via the Great Indian Warpath, which followed Conasauga Creek into the mountains.


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