Great Kei River

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Great Kei River
Old road bridge on Great Kei River.jpg
Old road bridge at Great Kei River, looking towards its western bank
Name origin: From kei, the word for "water" in the Khoekhoe language
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape Province
 - left Xolobe
 - right Kubusi
Source Stormberg
 - elevation 1,500 m (4,921 ft)
Source confluence Swart-Kei / Wit-Kei
 - elevation 540 m (1,772 ft)
 - coordinates 32°13′34″S 27°30′36″E / 32.22611°S 27.51000°E / -32.22611; 27.51000
Mouth Indian Ocean
 - location By Kei Mouth, South Africa
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 32°40′34″S 28°22′51″E / 32.67611°S 28.38083°E / -32.67611; 28.38083Coordinates: 32°40′34″S 28°22′51″E / 32.67611°S 28.38083°E / -32.67611; 28.38083
Length 320 km (199 mi)
Location of the Great Kei River mouth
Great Kei River from Kei Bridge to Kei Mouth

The Great Kei River (Afrikaans: Groot-Keirivier) is a river in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is formed by the confluence of the Black Kei River (Afrikaans: Swart-Keirivier) and White Kei River (Afrikaans: Wit-Keirivier), northeast of Cathcart. It flows for 320 km (199 mi)[1] and ends in the Great Kei Estuary at the Indian Ocean with the small town Kei Mouth on the west bank. Historically the Great Kei River formed the southwestern border of the Transkei region.

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