Great Khural of Tuva

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The Great Khural of Tuva (Russian: Верховный Хурал (парламент) Республики Тыва, tr. Verkhovny Khural (parlament) Respubliki Tyva; Tuvan: Тыва Республиканың Дээди Хуралы (парламентизи), Tıwa Respublikanıñ Deedi Huralı (parlamentizi), IPA: [tʰɯˈʋa resˈpʰuplikanɯŋ teːti xuˈralɯ pʰaɾˈlamẽtʰizi]) is the legislature of the Tuva Republic. The Great Khural replaced the Supreme Council in 1994.[citation needed]


The Great Khural is bicameral, consisting of the Chamber of Representatives, the upper house comprising 130 members, and the Legislative Chamber, the lower house with 32 members. Each is headed by a chairman. Each deputy of the Great Khural is elected to serve a four-year term.[1]


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