Great Malvern tornado of 1761

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Great Malvern Tornado of 1761
FormedOctober 14th, 1761 16:15 GMT
Areas affectedGreat Malvern, Worcestershire, England

The Great Malvern tornado of 1761 occurred on Wednesday, October 14, 1761 in the vicinity of Great Malvern, Worcestershire, in England. It was described as follows:

At a quarter past four in the afternoon, a most astonishing phaenomen was seen at Great Malvern, in Worcestershire, and parts adjacent. It had the appearance of a volcano, and was attended with a noise as if 100 forges had been at work at once; it filled the air with a nausseous sulpherous smell; it rose from the mountains in the form of a prodigious thick smoak, and proceeded to the valleys, where it rose and fell several times; and at length it subsided in a turnep-field, where the leaves of the turneps, leaves of the trees, dirt, sticks, &c. filled the air and flew higher than the highest hills. It was preceded with the most dreadful storm of thunder and lightning ever heard in the memory of man, and spread an universal consternation, wherever it was seen or heard.

— Sylvanus Urban, Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle[1]


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