Great Mosque of Hama

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Great Mosque of Hama
جامع حماة الكبير
Mamluk minaret of Hama Great Mosque.JPG
The octagonal Mamluk minaret built in 1427
Basic information
Location Syria Hama, Syria
Geographic coordinates 35°8′3″N 36°44′43″E / 35.13417°N 36.74528°E / 35.13417; 36.74528Coordinates: 35°8′3″N 36°44′43″E / 35.13417°N 36.74528°E / 35.13417; 36.74528
Affiliation Islam
Country Syria
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Umayyad
Completed 8th century
Dome(s) 5
Minaret(s) 2

The Great Mosque of Hama (Arabic: جامع حماة الكبير‎‎), is a mosque in Hama, Syria. It is located about 400 meters (1,300 ft) west of the citadel. Built in the 8th century CE, it was heavily damaged in a 1982 uprising, but today it has been completely restored.


The building used to be a temple to worship the Roman god Jupiter, later it became a church during the Byzantine era. When the Muslims entered Syria, they converted it to a mosque under the rule of Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah.

The Great Mosque has two minarets. One is a square-based tower adjacent to the prayer hall and from an inscription on its surface, dates back to 1124, although some argue that its base is of Umayyad origin,[1] while others say it was constructed in 1153.[2] The second minaret is octagonal in shape and was built by the Mamluks in 1427.[1] At the side of the main northern courtyard is a smaller square courtyard containing the tombs of two 13th century Ayyubid kings.[1]

The mosque was almost completely destroyed during the civil disturbances in Hama in 1982,[1] but has since been rebuilt by the Antiquities Department of the Syrian government.[2] Both minarets were destroyed during the disturbances.[2] By 2001, the Great Mosque has been fully restored and its reconstruction is faithful to the original Umayyad design in nearly every detail.[1]


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