Great Riot! Seigi Choujin

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Great Riot! Seigi Choujin
Directed by Takeshi Shirato
Produced by Takeshi Tamiya
Written by Haruya Yamazaki
Starring Akira Kamiya
Minori Matsushima
Hideyuki Tanaka
Eiji Kanie
Daisuke Gōri
Hideyuki Hori
Hidekatsu Shibata
Music by Shinsuke Kazato
Distributed by Toei Animation
Release date
  • December 22, 1984 (1984-12-22)
Running time
48 min.
Language Japanese

Great Riot! Seigi Choujin (大暴れ!正義超人,?, Ō Abare! Seigi Choujin) is a 1984 Japanese animated film. It is the second theatrical film based on the anime series Kinnikuman. It was released in Japan on December 22, 1984 alongside Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hoyoyo! The Treasure of Nanaba Castle and Uchuu Keiji Shaider: Follow the Shigishigi Kidnapping Gang!. It is set after the Seven Akuma Choujin Arc.

It was the first movie to feature the character Buffaloman and was the first of only two films to feature the Announcer (the other being Crisis in New York!). It is the first anime appearance of Bibinba, who appears as Kinnikuman's fiancee in the original manga.

New characters[edit]

Black Emperor (ブラックエンペラー?)
Great Ukon (大ウコン,?, Dai Ukon)
Black Buffalo (ブラックバッファロー?)
Black Knight (ブラックナイト?)
Black Rain (ブラックレイン?)
Black Noodle (ブラックメンルイ,?, Burakku Menrui)
Black Bear (ブラックベア?)
Black Sumo (ブラックズモー?)
Black Satan (ブラックサタン?)


The mighty Horumon clan have been rivals of the Kinniku Clan for years, but today they are nearly extinct. When the last daughter of the Horumon Clan falls in love with Kinnikuman during her mission to assassinate him, her father Horumon Yaki enlists the aide of Shishkeba Boo of the Barbecue Clan, promising him Bibinba's hand in marriage. Shishkeba Boo himself has joined forces with the "Dark Monarch" Black Emperor, who looks to destroy Kinnikuman. Two of his spies (series creators Yudetamago in a cameo) have learned of Kinnikuman's location, so they head for Earth.

While Kinnikuman whines about not being interviewed on the Choujin Hour with the rest of the Idol Choujins, Chairman Harabote arrives with a letter of challenge from Shishkeba Boo. Kinnikuman heads to Mount Fuji and the fight begins. Meanwhile, Black Emperor sends out his Black Corps (ブラック軍団,?, Burakku Gundan) to attack the Idol Choujins.

As Kinnikuman's fight continues, Great Ukon arrives with his minions to help Shishkeba Boo. However, Shishkeba Boo is outraged by this cowardly tactic and fights off the minions while Kinnikuman defeats Great Ukon with a Kinniku Buster. Black Emperor then arrives and challenges Kinnikuman. When Kinnikuman refuses, he places Bibinba and her father on a large boulder and surrounds them with a lake of fire. Kinnikuman tries to walk through the flames, but only gets halfway through before almost passing out. Suddenly, Terryman and Warsman arrive and pull him out while Robin Mask and Rikishiman save Bibinba and her father. With the Idol Choujins all there, the real fights begin.

Kinnikuman is supposed to fight the Black Satan corps but is easily dominated by them. Black Emperor believes he has won and begins to leave. Suddenly, Buffaloman arrives and volunteers to take on the Black Satans while Kinnikuman fights Black Emperor.

At first, Kinnikuman has trouble even catching Black Emperor, but as soon as he does Black Emperor begins using his Devil Fire technique. Meanwhile, the Idol Choujins all win their fights with their trademark techniques. Kinnikuman eventually defeats Black Emperor with his own version of the Devil Fire followed by his new finishing move, the Kinniku Driver.

Bibinba goes to embrace Kinnikuman, but he suggests that she go to Shishkeba Boo, who, although misguided, gave his best to fight for her honor. He then says that he already has Mari-san, at which point she suddenly pops up out of nowhere and the two are reunited.


Opening Theme
  • Blazing Kinnikuman (炎のキン肉マン,?, Honoo no Kinnikuman) by Akira Kushida
Closing Theme


Character Name Japanese voice actor
Kinnikuman Akira Kamiya
Meat-kun Minori Matsushima
Nakano-san Sanji Hase
Kinniku Daiou
Black Knight
Kazuhiko Kishino
Queen Kinniku Nana Yamaguchi
Nachiguron Keiko Yamamoto
Natsuko Hiromi Tsuru
Mari-san Chisato Nakajima
Bibinba Yuriko Yamamoto
Shishkeba Boo Keiichi Noda
Black Emperor Hidekatsu Shibata
Horumon Yaki Jōji Yanami
Terryman Hideyuki Tanaka
Ramenman Eiji Kanie
Detective Gobugari
Black Rain
Kōji Totani
Robin Mask
Black Sumo
Daisuke Gōri
Black Satan
Hideyuki Hori
Black Menrui
Issei Futamata
Black Bear
Masaharu Satō
Rikishiman Masashi Hirose*
Brocken Jr.
Tetsuo Mizutori
Tournament Chairman
Black Buffalo
Yonehiko Kitagawa
Great Ukon Kōji Yada
Special Appearance Yudetamago
  • For unknown reasons, Masashi Hirose is uncredited for his appearance in this film.

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