Great Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands

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Great Saint James is an island of the United States Virgin Islands, located off the east end of St. Thomas and belongs to subdistrict East End, Saint Thomas. The island is approximately 165 acres (67 ha) in size. There is one estate on the island. Great Saint James was purchased in 2016 for US$18 million by financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.[1][2][3] Epstein also owned the neighboring Little Saint James island until his death in 2019.[4] B.T. has reported that at some point while Christian Kjær owned the island, Epstein had attempted to buy the island, but that the sale had not gone through, partially because islanders "begged" Kjær and his wife Susan Astani not to sell to Epstein. Astani said that at the time there were rumours about Epstein's "sexual preferences".[5]

The cove on the west side of Great Saint James, Christmas Cove, is a popular snorkeling and mooring spot for day charter boats and yachts. 22 overnight mooring balls are available (but are not regularly maintained). A sailboat converted into a "food truck boat" previously sold pizzas here.[6] According to New York magazine, Epstein "shut down Christmas Cove" after he purchased the island.[2]

In late 2018, Epstein was reportedly in conflict with the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources over land use regulations.[3]

Coordinates: 18°18′35″N 64°49′44″W / 18.30972°N 64.82889°W / 18.30972; -64.82889


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