Great Sandhills Railway

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Great Sandhills Railway
Great Sandhills Railway
Reporting mark GSR
Locale Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Dates of operation 2009 (2009)–Present
Predecessor Canadian Pacific Railway
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length 123 miles (198 km)
Headquarters Leader, Saskatchewan
Great Sandhills Railway
Empress Subdivision
0.0 Mayne Jct Maple Creek Sub
7.1 Cantuar
9.2 Hot Box Detector
13.9 Success
22.5 Pennant
23.6 Wickett Jct Hazlet Spur
26.7 Battrum
30.1 Grant
34.9 Cabri
42.9 Shackleton
51.0 Abbey
57.8 Lancer
61.6 Hot Box Detector
64.2 Portreeve
75.8 Sceptre
82.1 Prelate
87.0 Leader East
88.2 Leader Jct Burstall Sub
89.3 End of Track
Great Sandhills Railway
Hazlet Spur
0.0 Wickett Jct Empress Sub
5.0 End of Track
Great Sandhills Railway
Burstall Subdivision
0.0 Leader Jct Empress Sub
1.0 Leader South
13.8 Hot Box Detector
24.9 Burstall Jct McNeill Spur
27.0 End of Track
Great Sandhills Railway
McNeill Spur
0.0 Jct Burstall Sub (mi 26.0)
5.4 End of Track

The Great Sandhills Railway (reporting mark GSR) is a Canadian short line railway company that operates 123 miles (198 km) of track west of Swift Current, Saskatchewan in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The railroad began operations on March 14, 2009.[1] Great Sandhills Railway owns and operates on former Canadian Pacific Railway's Empress Subdivision, Burstall Subdivision and Hazlet Spur (collectively known as the "Empress Short Line"). Great Sandhills Railway also operates on the McNeil Spur, but this track is owned by a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Sandhills Terminal.[2] The purchase price for the Empress Short Line and the McNeil spur was $6.3 million, with $1,907,200 funded by a provincial loan under the Short Line Financial Assistance Program. The Great Sandhills Terminal is the major shareholder while other shareholders include local producers and businesses.[1][3]

The railway serves freight stations in Sandhills, Burstall, Mendham, Leader, Prelate, Sceptre, Porteeve, Lancer, Abbey, Cabri, Battrum, Pennant, Success, Cantuar, and Swift Current. It interchanges with both the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Great Western Railway in Swift Current, via running rights on CP's Mapple Creek Subdivision between Mayne and Swift Current.[4]

The railway hauls grain from terminals, elevators and producer loading sites, and also moves products from the Empress Gas plants in Alberta.[1]


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