Great South West Walk

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Great South West Walk
Established 1981
Length 250 km (160 mi)
Use Hiking
Hiking details
Trail difficulty Moderate

The Great South West Walk is a 250-kilometre (155 mi) walking track, established in 1981, and located predominately in the Barwon South West region of Victoria, Australia. Much of the course of the track passes through the Lower Glenelg National Park, the Cobboboonee National Park, the Discovery Bay Coastal Park, the Mount Richmond National Park and the Cape Nelson State Park, and may be explored through shorter or overnight hikes, or the entire 12- to 14-day circular hike,[1] starting and finishing in either Portland or Nelson. A short portion of the track is located in South Australia, near Donovans.[2]

The track is administered, maintained and promoted by The Friends of the Great South West Walk Inc., a volunteer organisation, in partnership with Parks Victoria.[3]


The Great South West Walk track, which notionally begins and ends at the Visitor Information Centre in Portland, traverses forest, river gorge, high cliff tops and bays. It was designed as a long distance walking track, with the option for short and day walks. It is accessed from roads in and near the towns of Portland and Nelson. The walk's difficulty is rated as moderate, and consists of fifteen sections of varying lengths. The walk contains 14 camp sites along the track; all supplied with fresh water, cleared tent sites and bush toilets. All overnight stays at 14 campsites require an online booking and a fee. Links to the online booking site can be accessed via the walk's website.

Part of the track follows the course of the Glenelg River,[3] with other parts located adjacent to the Southern Ocean.


The track consists of the following sections and points:[2]

Sections and trackheads of the Great South West Walk
Section location Start location End location Section distance
km mile
rural fringe Portland Cubbys Camp 18.5 11.5
Cobboboonee National Park Cubbys Camp Cut-Out Camp 13 8.1
Cut-Out Camp Fitzroy Camp 22 14
Lower Glenelg National Park Fitzroy Camp Moleside Camp 22 14
Moleside Camp Pritchards Camp 10.5 6.5
Pritchards Camp Pattersons Camp 21.5 13.4
Pattersons Camp Nelson 19 12
Discovery Day Coastal Park Nelson Monibeong 23 14
Monibeong Swan Lake 16 9.9
Mount Richmond National Park Swan Lake Tarragal Camp 20 12
Tarragal Camp Springs Camp 12 7.5
Cape Bridgewater Springs Camp Trewalla Camp 15 9.3
Cape Nelson State Park Trewalla Camp Mallee Camp 17 11
Mallee Camp Portland 17 11

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