Great Synagogue (Bucharest)

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The Great Synagogue of Bucharest (December 2007)

The Great Synagogue in Bucharest, Romania was raised in 1845 by the Polish-Jewish community. It was repaired in 1865, redesigned in 1903 and 1909, repainted in Rococo style in 1936 by Ghershon Horowitz, then it was restored again in 1945, as it had been devastated by the extreme right Legionaries. It nowadays hosts an exhibition entitled The Memorial of Jewish Martyrs “Chief Rabbi Dr. Mozes Rosen”. During the late 1980s, just like many churches in the area, this synagogue was virtually surrounded by concrete buildings, so as to hide it from public sight.

It still hosts weekend religious services, being one of the few active synagogues in the city and in Romania.
For service details contact Yehuda Livnat +40-73-470-8970.

Coordinates: 44°25′46″N 26°06′31″E / 44.42952°N 26.10861°E / 44.42952; 26.10861

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