Great Western Brewing Company

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Great Western Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1927 (as Hub City Brewing Company)
Headquarters Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Products Beer

The Great Western Brewing Company is an independent brewery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The company currently produces several varieties of beer, some of which have received international awards for excellence.[1] With an output of 360 bottles and 480 cans per minute,[2] it is one of the larger regional brewers in western Canada.


Brewery Building on 2nd Ave. in Saskatoon; designed by David Webster and built in 1927

The brewery's history extends back to 1927, when it was established as the Hub City Brewing Company.[3] In 1930 the plant was renamed the Western Canada Brewing Company, and in 1932 it was changed again to Drewery's Limited. In 1956, the brewery was acquired by O'Keefe Brewing (which would later become Carling O'Keefe) and was operated under that name until 1989, when Carling O'Keefe was itself acquired by Molson. Plans were initiated by Molson to close the brewery.

However, in 1989, a group of sixteen employees and management succeeded in purchasing the brewery from Molson, at which point the Great Western Brewing Company was formed.[3] The brewery has operated independently since that time.


The Great Western Brewing Company produces varieties of lager. These include:

  • Great Western Classic Lager (5.0% alc./vol.)
  • Great Western Light (4.0% alc./vol.)
  • Great Western Pilsner (5.0% alc./vol.)
  • Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale (5.0% alc./vol.)
  • Original 16 Canadian Copper Ale (5.0% alc./vol.)
  • Original 16 Canadian Krystall Wheat (4.6% alc./vol.)
  • Brewhouse Prime (6.0% alc./vol.)
  • Brewhouse Pilsener (5.0% alc./vol.)
  • Brewhouse Light (4.0% alc./vol.)
  • Gold (6.3% alc./vol)
  • Gold Extra (8.0% alc./vol.)

In addition to its original products, the Great Western Brewing Company is the authorized brewer and distributor of Olympia Beer for the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The Great Western Brewery Company has entered in a number of international beer competitions. Quality ingredients, crafting precision and a determined commitment have brought numerous quality awards to the products. Many of the company’s products (Great Western Light, Great Western Pilsner and Great Western Premium) have recently received a Gold Quality Award at the Monde Selection’s World Quality Selections. These awards confirm the Great Western Brewery Company’s quality and prove the competitiveness of the products on the world stage.[4]

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