Great Western Tiers

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Great Western Tiers
Great Western Tiers From Chudleigh
Highest point
Elevation 1,444 m (4,738 ft)
Country Australia
State Tasmania
Region Central Highlands
Range coordinates 41°45′S 146°35′E / 41.75°S 146.58°E / -41.75; 146.58Coordinates: 41°45′S 146°35′E / 41.75°S 146.58°E / -41.75; 146.58

The Great Western Tiers are a collection of small mountain bluffs in the northern part of the Tasmanian Central Highlands.

They stretch from Western Bluff, near the town of Mole Creek, towards the east, passing south of the town of Meander, north of the Great Lake, and ending at Millers Bluff, approximately 25 km west of Campbell Town, near the Macquarie River.

The highest of the peaks is Ironstone Mountain, at 1,444m.

The Tiers form the border between the fertile valleys of eastern Tasmania, and the high, rocky, sparsely inhabited and infertile Central Plateaux.

The lend their name to the Great Western Tiers tourist route, signposted along the Bass Highway.

Panorama from the Chudleigh of The Great Western Tiers


The following peaks and bluffs belong to the Great Western Tiers: Ironstone Mountain, Mother Cummings Peak, Neals Bluff, Panorama Hill, Mount Parmeener, Western Bluff