Great World Amusement Park

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Great World Amusement Park 大世界
Location Kim Seng Promenande, Singapore
Owner Shaw Organisation
Opened 1929
Closed 1978
Operating season Year round (Opening hours unknown)
Area Unknown
Total Unknown
Water rides Nil

The Great World Amusement Park (Chinese: 大世界) also known locally as "Tua Seh Kai" in Hokkien, was the second of three former amusement parks in Singapore, along with New World (established 1923) and Gay World (established 1936). It was established in 1929 and closed down in 1978.


The amusement park was situated between Zion Road, River Valley Road and Kim Seng Road in the central part of Singapore. In the 1920s, the site was originally a Chinese cemetery. The landowner, Lee Geok Kun (brother of philanthropist Lee Kong Chian), redeveloped the site into an amusement park in the 1930s.[1] The park attractions included four Shaw Brothers-run cinemas named Atlantic, Canton, Globe and Sky, a nightclub called Flamingo, a fun fair with various rides such as the Ghost Train and the famous Cantonese restaurant Wing Choon Yuen (now Spring Court). The park was finally closed for good after being sold to a property developer for redevelopment in 1978. The Great World City shopping mall now sits on the site.

Film adaptation[edit]

In 2010, director Kelvin Tong produced a film revolving around the amusement park. The two-million dollar film, It's A Great, Great World, based on the history of the park, was released theatrically on 27 January 2011, throughout Singapore.[2][3]


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