Great Yorkshire Chase

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Sky Bet Chase
Black and pink diabolo, black sleeves, pink cap, black star Black, black and pink check sleeves and cap Pink, dark green epaulets and armlets, dark green cap, pink spots
Cooper's Cross Cap Du Nord Elvis Mail
Previous years
Light green, dark green chevrons, red sleeves, white and red striped cap Yellow, purple star, purple sleeves, yellow armlets, purple cap Black, black and pink check sleeves and cap
Windsor Avenue Storm Control Cap Du Nord
Mauve, yellow star, armlets and star on cap White, red stars, dark blue and white striped cap Black, black and pink check sleeves and cap
Takingrisks Aye Right Cap Du Nord
Emerald green, yellow hoops, white cap Dark blue, white triple diamond, red sleeves, red cap, white diamond Red, black and white striped sleeves, red cap, black diamond
Ok Corral Fingerontheswitch Chidswell
Dark blue and yellow (quartered), striped sleeves Red, royal blue stars, royal blue sleeves, red diamonds, white cap White, royal blue epaulets, diamonds on sleeves, white cap, royal blue star
Go Conquer Monbeg River Calipto
Light blue and yellow (halved), sleeves reversed, light blue and yellow striped cap Purple, white disc, yellow sleeves, purple diamonds, purple and yellow quartered cap Emerald green, dark green sleeves, dark green and emerald green quartered cap
Wakanda Warriors Tale L'Ami Serge
Dark blue, white sleeves, dark blue diamonds, white cap, dark blue diamonds Black, white seams, checked sleeves, quartered cap Emerald green, yellow hoops, white cap
Ziga Boy Looking Well Another Hero
Dark blue, white sleeves, dark blue diamonds, white cap, dark blue diamonds White, royal blue star, halved sleeves and star on cap Emerald green, red cross of lorraine, light green sleeves, red cap
Ziga Boy Coologue Buywise
Emerald green, yellow hoops, white cap Emerald green and yellow diabolo, hooped sleeves, white cap White, royal blue chevron, pink cap
If in Doubt Baileys Concerto Night in Milan
Emerald green, red hoop, halved sleeves, red cap Pink and orange stripes, light green cap Yellow, red star, yellow sleeves, white armlets, yellow cap, red star
The Rainbow Hunter Baile Anrai Unioniste
Dark green, maroon stars, maroon cap Dark blue and light blue stripes, black and red striped cap Dark green, royal blue diamond
Calgary Bay Shakalakaboomboom Fruity O'Rooney
Dark green, white chevron, light green sleeves, dark green and white check cap Mauve and pink check, white sleeves, pink cap Red, royal blue star, red sleeves, royal blue stars, white cap
Big Fella Thanks Ungaro Native Coral
Emerald green, scarlet hooped sleeves and cap Mauve and pink check, white sleeves, pink cap Dark Blue, Orange hollow box, diabolo on sleeves, check cap
An Accordion Ungaro Ma Yahab
Maroon, pale blue spots, maroon sleeves, pale blue cap, maroon spots Emerald green, white star, diabolo on sleeves and star on cap Black, Orange chevron, hooped sleeves
Simon Ardaghey Mount Clerigo
Yellow, green hoop, halved sleeves, red cap Emerald green and yellow quartered, white sleeves and cap Maroon, yellow chevrons and spots on sleeves, yellow cap, maroon spots
A Glass in Thyne Europa Keltic Bard
Pink, blue spots Light Green, Orange sleeves and cap Royal Blue, Red chevrons, diabolo on sleeves, Red cap, Royal Blue star
Colourful Life Tikram Run For Paddy
Red, blue hoop, hoops on sleeves, hooped cap Black, yellow hollow box, hooped sleeves, yellow cap, black star Orange, black triple diamond, black and orange diabolo on sleeves, orange cap, black diamond
Tyneandthyneagain Magical Bailiwick Gottabe
Green, yellow triple diamond Red, white hoop, white sleeves, red spots, white cap, red spots Emerald green and yellow quartered, white sleeves and cap
Barryscourt Lad Ryalux Tonoco
Light blue, emerald green star, emerald green cap, light blue star Maroon, White seams, diabolo on sleeves, White cap Black
Moor Lane Kit Smartie Frenchman's Creek
Blue, white star, diabolo on sleeves, blue cap, white star White, red stars, blue seams on sleeves, blue cap, red star Mauve and yellow check, yellow sleeves
Heidi III Inn at the Top King on the Run
Grey, Red sleeves, Black and Red check cap Grey, maroon hoop, maroon sleeves, grey armlets, quartered cap Light Blue, Scarlet collar, sash and sleeves, check cap
Beau Niki Dee Village King
Dark blue and white diamonds, dark blue sleeves, sky blue armlets, dark blue and white quartered cap Yellow, dark green chevron and sleeves, dark green and yellow hooped cap Black, Orange stars, Orange sleeves, Black stars
Major Bell Mr Strong Gale Cab on Target
Black, White sleeves, Black cap, White diamond Purple and white diamonds, striped sleeves and cap White, crimson hoops, black cap
Speaker Weatherill In Truth Linton Rocks
Mauve and pink check, white sleeves, pink cap Black and white (quartered), white sleeves, black diamonds, orange cap Dark green, claret sleeves and cap with green diamond
General Command King Lucifer Golden Spinner
Red and White diamonds, Royal Blue sleeves, Royal Blue cap, Red diamond Maroon, white sash, hooped sleeves, white cap Emerald green and orange (quartered), orange sleeves and cap
Addington Boy Merry Master Pims Gunner
Royal blue, yellow striped sleeves, royal blue cap, yellow star Crazy quilt Light green, orange chevron, orange cap
Carbisdale Avonburn Gnome's Tycoon
Dark Blue, Yellow stripe, Yellow sleeves, Dark Blue armlets and star on Yellow cap Maroon, white braces, quartered cap White, black diamond, black and white striped sleeves, white cap, black diamond
Young Hustler Otterburn House Rowlandsons Jewels
Yellow and black chevrons, yellow sleeves, hooped cap Light blue and orange diamonds, light blue sleeves and cap, orange star Royal blue, yellow braces, hooped sleeves, yellow cap
Dalkey Sound Team Challenge Docklands Express
Red, dark green and red chevrons on sleeves, dark green cap Blue, green sash, white cap White, black diamond, black and white striped sleeves, white cap, black diamond
Man O'Magic Fleming Rowlandsons Jewels
Yellow, mcalpine tartan sleeves Red, white sleeves, black cap Yellow, red star, armlets and star on cap
Proverity Dinny Walsh Roll-A-Joint
Red, white cap, green diamond Yellow, royal blue stripe, armlets and cap Emerald green and yellow (quartered), emerald green sleeves
Bob Tisdall Sir Jest Fair Child

The Great Yorkshire Chase is a Premier Handicap National Hunt handicap chase in England which is open to horses aged five years or older. It is run at Doncaster over a distance of 3 miles (4,828 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in January.

The race was first run in 1948. It is currently sponsored by Sky Bet and known as the Sky Bet Handicap Chase. The race held Listed status until 2022 and was re-classified as a Premier Handicap from the 2023 running when Listed status was removed from handicap races.[1]


Most successful horse (2 wins):

  • Ziga Boy – 2016, 2017

Most successful jockey (3 wins):

Most successful trainer (4 wins):


Year Winner Age Weight Jockey Trainer
1948 Cool Customer 9 12-07 P Murphy J Fawcus
1949 Old Morality 7 10-01 Bob Turnell Fred Rimell
1950 Freebooter 9 11-11 J Power Bobby Renton
1951 Arctic Gold 6 11-00 Tim Molony G Balding
1952Abandoned due to death of King George VI
1953 Knock Hard 9 11-07 Tim Molony Vincent O'Brien
1954Abandoned because of frost
1955 Bramble Tudor 7 11-03 R Curran J Wight
1956Abandoned because of snow and frost
1957 ESB 11 11-10 Tim Molony Fred Rimell
1958 Hall Weir 8 10-10 Bill Rees Frank Cundell
1959Abandoned because of frost
1960 Knightsbrook 8 11-01 G Slack W Hall
1961 Chavara 8 10-07 Stan Mellor G Owen
1962 Nicolaus Silver 10 11-09 Bobby Beasley Fred Rimell
1963Abandoned because of frost
1964 King's Nephew 10 11-10 Stan Mellor Frank Cundell
1965 King of Diamonds 7 10-04 J Kenneally G Vergette
1966 Freddie 9 11-07 P McCarron R Tweedie
1967 Spear Fir 8 10-06 J Leech R Fairbairn
1968 Sixty Nine 8 12-00 Brian Fletcher Denys Smith
1969 Playlord 8 11-06 Ron Barry Gordon W. Richards
1970 Freddie Boy 9 11-03 Richard Pitman Fred Winter
1971 Two Springs 9 10-10 R Edwards G Owen
1972 Slaves Dream 8 10-06 Michael Dickinson R Hall
1973 Charlie Potheen 8 11-10 Terry Biddlecombe Fulke Walwyn
1974 Cuckolder 9 10-01 Andy Turnell Bob Turnell
1975 Rough House 9 10-05 John Burke Fred Rimell
1976Abandoned because of frost
1977Abandoned because of frost
1978 Autumn Rain 7 10-02 Colin Tinkler Tony Dickinson
1979Abandoned because of snow
1980 Jer 9 10-00 Phil Tuck P Bevan
1981 Tragus 9 10–13 Bob Davies David Morley
1982 Bregawn 8 11-06 John Francome Michael Dickinson
1983 Get Out of Me Way 8 10-00 Paul Barton Graham Thorner
1984Abandoned because of snow
1985Abandoned because of snow and frost
1986Abandoned because of frost
1987Abandoned because of frost
1988 Bob Tisdall 9 12-05 Tom Morgan John Edwards
1989 Proverity 8 11-08 Tom Morgan John Edwards
1990 Man O'Magic 9 11-10 Mark Perrett Kim Bailey
1991 Dalkey Sound 8 10-09 Peter Niven Mary Reveley
1992 Abandoned due to frost
1993 Young Hustler 6 10-00 David Bridgwater Nigel Twiston-Davies
1994 Carbisdale 8 11-04 Peter Niven Mary Reveley
1995 Abandoned due to snow
1996 Addington Boy 8 10-08 Mark Dwyer Gordon W. Richards
1997 General Command 9 11-10 Paul Carberry Gordon W. Richards
1998 Speaker Weatherill 9 11-11 Mark Brennan Owen Brennan
1999 Major Bell 11 10-00 Adrian Maguire A Whillans
2000 Beau 7 11-00 Tom Jenks Nigel Twiston-Davies
2001 Heidi III 6 10-02 Dean Gallagher Mickey Hammond
2002 Moor Lane 10 10-04 Barry Fenton Ian Balding
2003 Barryscourt Lad 9 10-01 Rodi Greene Martin Pipe
2004 Tyneandthyneagain 9 10-04 Henry Oliver Richard Guest
2005 Colourful Life 9 10–12 Joe Tizzard Paul Nicholls
2006 A Glass in Thyne [a] 8 10–12 Andrew Thornton B N Pollock
2007 Simon [a] 8 11-02 Andrew Thornton John Spearing
2008 An Accordion 7 10-08 J W Farrelly David Pipe
2009 Big Fella Thanks 7 11-02 Christian Williams Paul Nicholls
2010 Abandoned due to frost
2011 Abandoned due to frost
2012 Calgary Bay 9 11-11 Dominic Elsworth Henrietta Knight
2013 Abandoned due to frost
2014 The Rainbow Hunter 10 10-09 Nick Scholfield Kim Bailey
2015 If in Doubt 7 10–11 Tony McCoy Philip Hobbs
2016 Ziga Boy 7 10-01 Brendan Powell Jr Alan King
2017 Ziga Boy 8 10–11 Tom Bellamy Alan King
2018 Wakanda 9 11–00 Henry Brooke Sue Smith
2019 Go Conquer 10 11–10 Tom Bellamy Nigel Twiston-Davies
2020 Ok Corral 10 11–12 Derek O'Connor[b] Nicky Henderson
2021 Takingrisks 12 11–02 Sean Quinlan Nicky Richards
2022 Windsor Avenue 10 11–01 Sean Quinlan Brian Ellison
  1. ^ a b The 2006 and 2007 runnings took place at Southwell
  2. ^ amateur jockey

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