Greater Antillean grackle

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Greater Antillean grackle
Greater antillean grackle (Quiscalus niger gundlachii).JPG
Q. n. gundlachii, Cayo Coco, Cuba
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Icteridae
Genus: Quiscalus
Q. niger
Binomial name
Quiscalus niger
(Boddaert, 1783)
Quiscalus niger map.svg
Range of Q. niger

The Greater Antillean grackle (Quiscalus niger) is a grackle found throughout the Greater Antilles as well as smaller, nearby islands. Like all Quiscalus grackles, it is a rather large, gregarious bird.[2] It lives largely in heavily settled areas.


The 27 cm (11 in)-long male is glossy black with a large rudder-like tail; the 24 cm (9.4 in)-long female has a smaller tail and is similar in color but less glossy than the male. The eye is yellow and is the only non-black body part. The Greater antillean Grackle will eat anything that can fit in its mouth.They eat fruits,bread, plant matter,and small Vertebrates and invertebrates

There are seven subspecies, each restricted to one island or island group.[3] They differ from the nominate Q. n. niger subspecies in size, bill size, and colour tone.


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