Greater Beirut

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Not to be confused with the city of Beirut, the core city of Greater Beirut.
Greater Beirut
Grand Beyrouth


Cities List of cities in Greater Beirut
Population 2,000,000
 • Metro 2,500,000

Greater Beirut (Arabic: بيروت الكبرى‎; French: Grand Beyrouth) is the urban agglomeration comprising the city of Beirut (Beirut Governorate) and the adjacent (municipalities) over the Mount Lebanon Governorate. Thus, it does not constitute a single administrative unit. The conurbation spreads south, east and north of Beirut city. To the west, the Eastern Mediterranean sea serves as a natural boundary.



There are about 2.5 million people in Greater Beirut. About 50% are Christian (in the north and east), 25% Shia (in the south), and 25% Sunni (in the central and west of Beirut).[citation needed]

List of cities (partial)[edit]