Greater Manchester Police Museum

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Greater Manchester Police Museum
Greater Manchester Police Museum.jpg
Greater Manchester Police Museum
Established1981 (1981)
Location57A Newton Street
M1 1ET
Coordinates53°28′57″N 2°13′57″W / 53.48241°N 2.23240°W / 53.48241; -2.23240Coordinates: 53°28′57″N 2°13′57″W / 53.48241°N 2.23240°W / 53.48241; -2.23240
TypePolice Museum
Helmets and motorcycles on display

The Greater Manchester Police Museum is a former police station converted into a museum and archives detailing the history of policing in Greater Manchester, England. It was home to Manchester City Police and then its successors Manchester and Salford Police and Greater Manchester Police from 1879 until 1979.[1][2]

Upon its conversion to a museum in 1981 the interior was redesigned to reflect its past and now serves as a reminder of Victorian policing. The building was Grade II listed in 1994 as Former Newton Street Police Station.[3]


Located on Newton Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter it is a short walk away from Piccadilly Gardens and Piccadilly railway station.

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