Greater Mendoza

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Gran Mendoza (Greater Mendoza) is the name given to the large urban conurbation around the city of Mendoza in Argentina. The 2001 Census estimated the population of Gran Mendoza as 848,660[1] making it the 4th largest urban conurbation in Argentina.

The population of Gran Mendoza represents nearly 54% of the population of Mendoza Province.

Component towns[edit]

Town Department Population
Guaymallén Guaymallén Department 280.880
Godoy Cruz Godoy Cruz Department 189.578
Las Heras Las Heras Department 203.507
Mendoza Capital Department 114.822
Maipú Maipú Department 172.861
Luján de Cuyo Luján de Cuyo Department 124.418
Total 1.086.066


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