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Nagpur Metro Region Development

In 1999, a notification was issued by the State of Maharashtra which declared Nagpur Metropolitan Area, comprising Nagpur City, Nagpur Gramin, Hingna, Parshivni, Mauda, Kamptee Taluka and parts of Savner, Kalmeshwar, Umred and Kuhi, in which the boundaries of the metro region around the municipal corporation limits of the city were described, and the Mumbai metropolitan area and Pune metro areas were declared.

Later on vide notification dt. 24 December 2002 Govt. extended the jurisdiction of NIT [1] outside NMC [2] limit under clause 1(2) of NIT Act-1936 as "Nagpur Metropolitan Area" [3] in connection to notification of 1999 which ranges approximately 25 to 40 km area away from NMC limit.

Objectives of metro region planning[edit]

  • Laying down broad policies and directions of growth in the principal zones.
  • Determining the hierarchy of roads and access ways in coordination with existing roads proposed D. P. roads.
  • Establishing the zoning of land use on the lands falling within 25 to 40 km are of the township.
  • Determining the standards for common facilities like education health and social facilities for the resident population.
  • Ensure planned development in fringe areas.

Planning Area Under Metro region[edit]

Area of Nagpur region/district 9810 km2
Area proposed for metro region 25 to 40 km
Area around Nagpur municipal limit 3780 km2
Area under NMC limit 216 km2

Two phases of proposed metro region[edit]

NIT has proposed the metro region plan in two phases:

  • Phase I: area -1520 km2 (i.e. boundary of R.P.)
  • Phase II: area -2260 km2

NIT is framing the policy for metro region planning and once the plan is finalised, different town planning schemes will be taken up for development.


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