Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

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Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Founded 1893
Focus Business federation
Area served
Omaha – Council Bluffs metropolitan area
Website Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce is the chamber of commerce in Omaha, Nebraska.[1] When United States Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke to the Chamber in 2007, his comments were noted for his continued endorsement of globalization.[2]

In January 2014, the chamber made headlines for organizing a charity effort tied to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. According to an article by TIME, the chamber partnered with several Nebraska-based businesses that agreed to collectively donate $800 every time Manning said "Omaha" during the AFC Championship football game on January 19, 2014, against the New England Patriots. Manning is known for yelling the city's name at the line of scrimmage prior to plays. According to the article, the money raised—$24,800, since the quarterback said Omaha 31 times—will go to Manning’s charity, the Peyback Foundation.[3]

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