Greater Republic of Central America

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United States of Central America

Estados Unidos de Centroamérica
Flag of Central America
Coat of arms of Central America
Coat of arms
Location of Central America
Common languagesSpanish
• Treaty of Amapala
20 June 1895
• Established
15 September 1896
• Constitution
1 November 1898
• Disestablished
21 November 1898
Preceded by
Succeeded by
El Salvador
El Salvador

The Greater Republic of Central America was a short-lived political union between Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, lasting from 1896 to 1898. It was an attempt to revive the failed Federal Republic of Central America that existed earlier in the century.

The three countries agreed to establish a union with the signing of the Treaty of Amapala on 20 June 1895. On 15 September 1896, after the countries had all ratified the treaty individually, the union was formally confirmed. The republic was rechristened the "United States of Central America" when its constitution came into effect on 1 November 1898.

The capital was to be the Honduran town of Amapala on the Gulf of Fonseca. The union was dissolved after General Tomás Regalado seized power in El Salvador on 21 November.

Before its dissolution, the Greater Republic established diplomatic relationships with the United States. Guatemala and Costa Rica both considered joining the union, but neither of them eventually did so.

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