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The following is a list of spin-offs of the 2002 100 Greatest Britons program produced by the BBC.[1][2][3][4]

List by country or region[edit]

Country Broadcaster / Magazine Name (with English translation
where applicable)
Winner Airdate
Argentina Telefe El Gen Argentino (The Argentine Gene) José de San Martín October 2007
Australia ABC The Greatest of All - Our 50 Top Australians Howard Walter Florey[5]
Belgium Het Nieuwsblad Belg der Belgen Father Damien
Flanders, Belgium VRT De Grootste Belg (The Greatest Belgian) Father Damien December 2005
Wallonia, Belgium RTBF Le plus grand belge (The Greatest Belgian) Jacques Brel December 2005
Brazil SBT O Maior Brasileiro de Todos os Tempos (The Greatest Brazilian of All Time) Chico Xavier October 2012
Bulgaria BNT Channel 1 Velikite Balgari (The Great Bulgarians) Vasil Levski February 2007
Canada CBC The Greatest Canadian Tommy Douglas October 2004
Catalonia TV3 El Favorit (The Favorite) Jaume I
Chile TVN Grandes Chilenos (Great Chileans) Salvador Allende
Colombia History Channel El Gran Colombiano (The Great Colombian) Álvaro Uribe June 2013
Croatia Nacional Greatest Croatian Josip Broz Tito 2003
Czech Republic ČT Největší Čech (The Greatest Czech) Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor May/June 2005
Europe Europe's 100 Most Influential ongoing
Finland YLE Suuret Suomalaiset (Great Finns)[6] Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim 2004
France France 2 Le Plus Grand Français (The Greatest Frenchman) Charles de Gaulle April 2005
Georgia GPB საქართველოს დიდი ათეული (Our Best) David IV of Georgia (at the ending of the voting) 2008 (broadcasting was stopped)
Germany ZDF Unsere Besten (Our Best) Konrad Adenauer November 2003
Greece Skai TV Great Greeks (Megaloi Ellēnes) Alexander the Great January 2009
Hungary Múlt-kor Történelmi portál A magyar történelem legkiemelkedőbb alakjai (The most prominent figures of Hungarian history)[7] Matthias Corvinus[8]
India Outlook India The Greatest Indian B. R. Ambedkar August 2012
Ireland RTÉ Ireland's Greatest John Hume 22 October 2010
Italy RAI Il più grande italiano di tutti i tempi (The Greatest Italian of All Time) Leonardo da Vinci February 2010
Japan Nippon Television The Top 100 Historical Persons in Japan Oda Nobunaga May 2006
Netherlands KRO De Grootste Nederlander (The Greatest Dutchman) Pim Fortuyn (first during live broadcast)
Willem van Oranje (first by total votes)
November 2004
New Zealand TVNZ New Zealand's Top 100 History Makers Ernest Rutherford November 2005
Poland TVP Polak Wszechczasów (Pole of all time) planned
Portugal RTP Os Grandes Portugueses (Great Portuguese People) António de Oliveira Salazar October 2006
Romania TVR Mari Români (Great Romanians) Ştefan cel Mare October 2006
Russia Russia TV Channel Name of Russia St. Alexander Nevsky 2008
South Africa SABC Great South Africans Nelson Mandela September 2004
Spain Antena 3 El Español De La Historia (The Spaniard of History) King Juan Carlos I May 2007
Ukraine Inter The Greatest Ukrainians Yaroslav I the Wise October 2007
United States Discovery Channel The Greatest American Ronald Reagan June 2005
Wales BBC Radio Wales 100 Welsh Heroes (Radio Programme) Aneurin Bevan February 2004


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