Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased

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Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased
Steve Perry - Greatest HitsFive Unreleased.jpg
Greatest hits album by
ReleasedDecember 15, 1998
October 3, 2006 (Reissue)
Steve Perry chronology
For the Love of Strange Medicine
Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased
Playlist: The Very Best of Steve Perry
Singles from Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased
  1. "I Stand Alone"
    Released: 1998
  2. "When You're in Love (For the First Time)"
    Released: 1998

Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased is a greatest hits compilation released by American singer/musician Steve Perry in 1998. The album contains hits from his two solo albums Street Talk (1984) and For the Love of Strange Medicine (1994) as well as several previously unreleased tracks from the abandoned solo project Against the Wall, as well as demos, b-sides and collaborations.

Against the Wall was originally going to be Perry's second solo album. It was shelved by a corporate executive during the time when Sony Music bought Columbia Records. This executive was not too sure about the musical direction of the album. Seven of these tracks were later released on this album and the others were released as bonus tracks on the 2006 re-issue of For the Love of Strange Medicine. He states in the album booklet that these songs all together should be called "Better Late Than Never."[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."Oh Sherrie"Bill Cuomo, Randy Goodrum, Craig Krampf, Steve PerryStreet Talk, 19843:48
2."Foolish Heart"Goodrum, PerryStreet Talk3:39
3."She's Mine"Goodrum, PerryStreet Talk4:26
4."Strung Out"Krampf, Perry, Billy SteeleStreet Talk5:54
5."Go Away"Cuomo, Goodrum, PerryStreet Talk3:51
6."When You're in Love (For the First Time)"Goodrum, PerryPreviously unreleased track from Against the Wall4:08
7."Against the Wall"Goodrum, Michael Landau, PerryPreviously unreleased track from Against the Wall4:43
8."Forever Right or Wrong [Love's Like a River]"Cuomo, L. Dozier, Goodrum, Randy Jackson, Landau, Larrie Londin, PerryPreviously unreleased track from Against the Wall4:31
9."Summer of Luv"Cuomo, Goodrum, Jackson, Landau, Londin, PerryPreviously unreleased track from Against the Wall4:25
10."Melody"Goodrum, PerryB-side to "Missing You" single,[2] from Against the Wall4:05
11."Once in a Lifetime, Girl"Cuomo, Goodrum, Jackson, Landau, Londin, Rick Nowels, PerryPreviously unreleased track from Against the Wall4:52
12."What Was"Goodrum, PerryPreviously unreleased track from Against the Wall3:57
13."You Better Wait"Perry, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Taylor, Moyes Lucas, John Pierce, George HawkinsFor the Love of Strange Medicine, 19944:51
14."Missing You"Perry, Tim MinerFor the Love of Strange Medicine3:48
15."I Stand Alone"Carole Bayer Sager, David Foster, PerryQuest for Camelot: Music from the Motion Picture, 19983:42
16."It Won't Be You (Writing Demo)"Tony Brock, Adrian Gurvitz, PerryB-side to "Missing You" single, 1994[2]4:26
17."If You Need Me, Call Me (Demo)"Stevey DeLacey, Krampf, Richard Michaels, PerryPreviously unreleased track from the Alien Project demo tape4:24
2006 reissue bonus track
18."Don't Fight It" (with Kenny Loggins)Loggins, Perry, Dean PitchfordHigh Adventure, 19823:37


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