Greatest Hits (Queensrÿche album)

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Greatest Hits
Queensryche - Greatest Hits cover.jpg
Cover design by Hugh Syme
Greatest hits album by Queensrÿche
ReleasedJune 27, 2000
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Greatest Hits
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Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]

Greatest Hits is a compilation album from the American progressive metal band Queensrÿche, released in 2000. It includes material from all of the band's studio releases up to 1997 (1999's Q2K is excluded), as well as the 1997 B-side "Chasing Blue Sky" and an alternate version of "Someone Else?" featuring the full band.

Track listing[edit]

1."Queen of the Reich" (from Queensrÿche, 1983)Chris DeGarmo4:22
2."The Lady Wore Black" (from Queensrÿche, 1983)DeGarmo, Geoff Tate6:14
3."Warning" (from The Warning, 1984)Tate, Michael Wilton4:45
4."Take Hold of the Flame" (from The Warning, 1984)DeGarmo, Tate4:55
5."Walk in the Shadows" (from Rage for Order, 1986)DeGarmo, Tate, Wilton3:34
6."I Dream in Infrared" (from Rage for Order, 1986)Tate, Wilton4:18
7."I Don't Believe in Love" (from Operation: Mindcrime, 1988)DeGarmo, Tate4:24
8."Eyes of a Stranger" (from Operation: Mindcrime, 1988)DeGarmo, Tate6:39
9."Jet City Woman" (from Empire, 1990)DeGarmo, Tate5:21
10."Empire" (from Empire, 1990)Tate, Wilton5:24
11."Silent Lucidity" (from Empire, 1990)DeGarmo5:45
12."I Am I" (from Promised Land, 1994)DeGarmo, Tate3:59
13."Bridge" (from Promised Land, 1994)DeGarmo3:31
14."Sign of the Times" (from Hear in the Now Frontier, 1997)DeGarmo3:34
15."Chasing Blue Sky" (bonus track)Scott Rockenfield, Tate3:41
16."Someone Else?" (full band version, bonus track)DeGarmo, Tate7:15
Total length:77:37



Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
2000 The Billboard 200[2] 149


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