Greatest Hits (Robyn Hitchcock album)

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Greatest Hits
Greatest hits album by Robyn Hitchcock
Released 1996
Recorded 1988-1992
Genre Alt-rock
Label A&M

Greatest Hits is a collection of Robyn Hitchcock material from the A&M period 1988-1992 (which spanned the albums Globe of Frogs, Queen Elvis, Perspex Island, & Respect).

The collection also includes various hard-to-find B-Sides, which acted as a strong selling point for Hitchcock's fans, including Legalized Murder, Ruling Class, Dark Green Energy and Bright Fresh Flower. In addition, two cover songs are included – Bryan Ferry's More Than This and a live recording of The Byrds' Eight Miles High.

It was released as part of A&M's Backlot Digital Remasters Series on September 9, 1996.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Balloon Man 03:34
  2. Vibrating 03:01
  3. Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) 02:40
  4. A Globe of Frogs (electric version) 04:29 (B-side for Balloon Man single 1988)
  5. Legalized Murder 04:08 (B-side for Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) single 1988)
  6. Intro to "Eyes" 02:44 live intro to One Long Pair of Eyes. (Excerpt from Madonna of the Wasps EP 1989)
  7. One Long Pair Of Eyes 04:59
  8. Madonna Of The Wasps 03:06
  9. Wax Doll 04:14
  10. More Than This 03:52 (by Bryan Ferry) (From Madonna of the Wasps EP 1989)
  11. Ruling Class 03:25 (B-Side for Madonna of the Wasps single, 1989)
  12. So You Think You're In Love 02:35
  13. Oceanside 03:45
  14. Ride 05:01
  15. She Doesn't Exist 04:26
  16. Dark Green Energy 03:14 (B-side for So You Think You're In Love single 1991)
  17. Eight Miles High 03:58 (by Clark, David Crosby and McGuinn) (from So You Think You're In Love CD single)
  18. Driving Aloud (Radio Storm) 04:00
  19. The Yip Song 03:08
  20. Alright, Yeah 02:57 (B-side for Driving Aloud single 1992)
  21. Bright Fresh Flower 03:22 (B-side for The Yip Song single 1992)

All songs by Robyn Hitchcock except where indicated.