Greatest Hitz (Soulja Slim album)

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Greatest Hitz
Soulja Slim - Greatest Hitz.jpg
Greatest hits album by Soulja Slim
Released February 21, 2006
Recorded 1994-2003
Genre Gangsta rap
Hardcore rap
Southern Rap
Length 61:14
Soulja Slim chronology
Years Later...A Few Months After
Greatest Hitz
Thug Brothers (Mixtape)

Greatest Hitz is the greatest hits album by rapper Soulja Slim.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'll Pay For It"
  2. "Slow Motion" (featuring Juvenile)
  3. "U Bootin' Up" (featuring Juvenile)
  4. "From What I Was Told"
  5. "Closing Down Shop"
  6. "Love Me Or Love Me Not"
  7. "Like That"
  8. "I'll Pay For It [Remix]" (featuring Mystikal)
  9. "Bout Dis Sit"
  10. "Get Cha Mind Right" (featuring Black Felon)
  11. "Ghetto Ties"
  12. "Come Serve Me"
  13. "You Got It" (featuring Mia X)
  14. "Soluja Mentality"
  15. "Bossman" (featuring Ms. Peaches)
  16. "What U Wanna Do"
  17. "Hustlin Is A Habit" (featuring Steady Mobb'n)
  18. "Get High With Me" (featuring Tre-Nitty & Mystikal)
  19. "Walk Like A G"
  20. "V-Bilt-Certified" (Bonus Track)