Greece–Lithuania relations

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Greek-Lithuanian relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and Lithuania



Greek-Lithuanian relations are the relations between Greece and Lithuania. Both countries are full members of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, of NATO and the European Union.

Historical relations[edit]

Greece recognised the State of Lithuania on May 23, 1922, and diplomatic relations between the two countries were restored on January 7, 1992. Greece has never officially recognised the annexation of the Baltic states by the USSR. Lithuania has maintained an embassy in Athens since 1997 along with an honorary consulate in Thessaloniki.[1] Greece has had an embassy in Vilnius since January 2, 2005.

List of bilateral visits [2][edit]

Bilateral agreements[3][edit]

  • investment protection,
  • culture, tourism, economic, industrial and technological cooperation,
  • road and sea transport,
  • mutual elimination of visas,
  • re-admission of persons,
  • protection of confidential information

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