Greece–Peru relations

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Greek-Peruvian relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and Peru



Greek-Peruvian relations are the relations between Greece and Peru. Both countries established diplomatic relations on December 5, 1965. Greece and was represented in Peru by its embassy in Brazil until 1992 when the Embassy in Lima was opened. Around 150-350 people of Greek descent live in Peru, including Vladimiro Montesinos, the long-standing head of the Peruvian intelligence service, Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional under Alberto Fujimori.[1] Since 1987, Peru has an embassy in Athens.[2]

Bilateral visits[edit]

The first official visit by a Greek official to Peru was made by the then Minister of Foreign Affairs George Papandreou in 2003.[1]

List of bilateral agreements[edit]

A number of agreements exist:[2]

  • Agreement on visa supretion for diplomatic passports (1986)
  • Educational Agreement which was signed in Athens in 1988 (renewed in 2003)
  • Agreement on tourism cooperation (1998)
  • A Memorandum of Co-operation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries provides for the establishment of a mechanism of bilateral political consultations (in force since it was signed in Lima on October 30, 2003).

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