Greece–Qatar relations

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Greece – Qatar relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and Qatar



Greece–Qatar relations are the bilateral relations between the Hellenic Republic and the State of Qatar. Relations were formed in 1973.[1]

Diplomatic representation[edit]

Greece opened its embassy in Doha in 2007.[1] It is headed by Constantinos Orphanides as of 2016.[2] Qatar has had an embassy in Athens since 2008.[1] Abdulaziz Ali Al-Naama has served as the Qatari ambassador to Greece since 2016.[3]

After Egypt closed its embassy in Qatar in 2017, the Greek embassy in Doha agreed to diplomatically represent Egyptian citizens.[4]

Diplomatic visits[edit]

Greek FM Georgios Katrougalos signing agreements with his Qatari counterpart, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

In March 2009, Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodors Pangalos paid a visit to Qatar.[5]

Diplomatic relations[edit]


Several military agreements between Qatar and Greece have been signed, such as an agreement on joint training exercises and a tripartite memorandum of understanding between Qatar's government, the Hellenic Vehicle Industry and the Hellenic Aerospace Industry.[1]

Business and economy[edit]

Both countries signed a deal on the avoidance of double taxation in 2008.[6] Qatar signed an agreement in 2010 in which it would invest $5 billion in Greece over the following years.[7]

In January 2013, Qatar Investment Authority's real estate arm Qatari Diar had been involved in a bid to redevelop Ellinikon International Airport but decided to withdraw from the tender. Later that month, the company recanted its withdrawal after a visit to Doha by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.[8] Furthermore, during the visit, the Qatari government agreed to create a $1.34 billion joint fund to assist small-to-medium businesses in Greece to aid its recession-struck economy.[9] Also in 2013, another section of the Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar Holding, invested €1.2 billion in northern Greece's gold mining industry.[10]

Former Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani purchased six islets in Greece for a sum of €8.5 million in 2013.[11] He was reportedly interested in constructing a massive palace on one of the islets, but would be challenged by the Greek legal system due to its laws regarding the size of residences.[12]

A joint business council was established in 2015.[13] Trade turnover is low. In 2017, the total bilateral trade volume was $372 million.[13]

In terms of cooperation between companies, Greek company Anangel Maritime Services signed a joint venture agreement with Qatar-based Nakilat to employ ten of its ships to transport LNG.[14] There were approximately seven Greek companies operating in Qatar in 2017.[15]


According to the Qatari Ministry of Interior, there are 2,200 Greek migrants in Qatar as of 2016.[14]

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