Greece–South Korea relations

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Greek-South Korean relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and South Korea


South Korea

Greek–South Korean relations are the foreign relations between Greece and South Korea.


As soon as 1950, Greece sent an expeditionary force to help the South Koreans against the communists during the Korean War. And at that time, the small Orthodox community of Korea received support by Greek military chaplain ministers. Then, Korean Orthodox faithful requested to come under the spiritual care of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in 1955 and the Ecumenical Patriarchate took the Korean Orthodox Church under its protection in 1956. Both countries established diplomatic relations on April 15, 1961. South Korea opened its embassy in Athens on July 6, 1973. Greece opened its embassy in Seoul in October 1991. Greece also has an honorary consulate in Daejeon.

List of bilateral visits[edit]

From South Korea to Greece

  • May 1995, Deputy Minister for Policy Planning and International Organizations Ban Ki-moon
  • May 2000, Speaker of the National Assembly Park Joon-kyu
  • October 2001, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Yoo Sam-nam
  • August 2002, Minister for Trade Hwang Doo-yun
  • April 2004, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ban Ki-moon
  • August 2004, Minister of Culture and Tourism Jung Dong-chae
  • April 2006, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ban Ki-moon
  • September 2006, President Roh Moo-hyun
  • June 2007, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Kang Moo-hyun
  • October 2007, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Kang Moo-hyun

From Greece to South Korea

  • July 1987, Minister of Foreign Affairs Karolos Papoulias
  • November 1990, Prime of Ministers Konstantinos Mitsotakis
  • March 1998, Minister of the Mercantile Marine Stavros Soumakis
  • October 2000, Alternate Foreign Minister Elisavet Papazoi
  • February 2003, Alternate Foreign Minister Tasso Giannitsis
  • November 2004, Minister of Agricultural Development Evangelos Bassiakos
  • January 2005, Minister of Mercantile Marine Manolis Kefalogiannis
  • June 2007, Minister of Transportation and Communications Michalis Liapis

List of bilateral treaties[edit]

  • Education agreement (July 23, 1970)
  • Trade agreement (October 4, 1974)
  • Agreement on abolition of visa requirements (February 25, 1979)
  • Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation (May 16, 1994)
  • Aviation agreement (January 25, 1995)
  • Agreement on investment protection (January 25, 1995)
  • Agreement on avoidance of double taxation (March 20, 1995)

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