Greece–Tajikistan relations

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Greek-Tajik relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and Tajikistan



Greek–Tajik relations refers to the foreign relations between Greece and Tajikistan.


Early relations[edit]

The first contact between Greece and Tajikistan occurred in 329 BC when Alexander the Great entered the territory of modern-day Tajikistan. While there, Alexander founded the city of Alexandria Eschate.[1] Nearly a hundred years after the death of Alexander, the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom and Indo-Greek Kingdom were founded in Tajikistan by descendants of Greeks who had settled in the area.[2]

Modern relations[edit]

In September 1991, Tajikistan became an independent nations just before the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991. On 30 September 1992, Greece and Tajikistan established diplomatic relations.[3] On 1st December 2009 in Athens on the sideline of 17th Council of Ministers of OSCE, the Tajik Minister of Foreign Affairs Khamrokhon Zarifi met with the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs George Papandreou. The main attention during the exchange of views was given to the issues of the bilateral Tajik-Greek relations, particularly in the field of trade and economy, as well as other regional issues of mutual interest.[4]

Diplomatic missions[edit]

  • Greece is accredited to Tajikistan from its embassy in Moscow, Russia.
  • Tajikistan does not have an accreditation to Greece.