Greece–Pakistan relations

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Pakistani-Greek relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and Pakistan



Pakistani-Greek relations are foreign relations between Pakistan and Greece. Pakistan's first embassy in Athens was opened in 1975. Greece established an embassy in Islamabad in 1987.


The first form of contact between both cultures date back from Alexander the Great of Macedon when he and his soldiers ruled and crossed areas of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation in what is now Pakistan (the Greek conquests in India). The Greeks referred to the ancient people there as the Indoi (Ινδοί), (people of the Indus Valley). This is proven in the Achaemenid inscriptions at Persepolis and Greek texts like those of Herodotus. The term later went on to be used widely to refer to the whole Indian subcontinent. Alexander's soldiers who remained residing in those areas hundreds of years ago.

Part of today's Pakistan became the Indo-Greek kingdoms, founded by the successor of Alexander the Great.

Additionally, there are around 32,500 Pakistanis in Greece.[citation needed]

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