Greece–Moldova relations

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Greek-Moldovan relations
Map indicating locations of Greece and Moldova



Greece–Moldova relations are the bilateral relations between Greece and Moldova. Greece is represented in Moldova through its embassy in Kiev and an honorary consulate in Chișinău. Moldova is represented in Greece through its embassy in Athens opened in 2003.


Greece and Moldova have established ties from the mid-20th century due to the large number of Greek residents in Moldova after they were expelled from Greece due to their communist tendencies.[citation needed]

Educational collaboration[edit]

Foreign Minister of Greece Dimitris Droutsas receiving the Moldovan Ambassador to Athens Michai Balan in a protocol meeting in 2011 in Athens

There has been a soaring interest since 1992 in Moldova on the Greek language. Greek-language teaching is offered by three largest Moldovan higher education institutes. The department of Greek language and culture has been created as part of the Moldova State University since 1998. Teaching of the Greek language is considered as of paramount importance for the Greek community of Moldova. Greek Ministry of Education has been sending study materials for the students following Greek language courses but also scholarships for Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.[1]


Greece plays an active role to ensure a peaceful solution to Moldovan problem regarding Transnistria.[citation needed]

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