Greece Central School District

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Greece Central School District
750 Maiden Lane
Rochester, New York 14615

Parts of the Town of Greece, New York[1]
United States
Coordinates 43°13′32″N 77°39′44″W / 43.2256°N 77.6622°W / 43.2256; -77.6622 (District office)Coordinates: 43°13′32″N 77°39′44″W / 43.2256°N 77.6622°W / 43.2256; -77.6622 (District office)
District information
Type Public
Motto Student learning is the goal
Grades Pre-K12 and adult education
Established September 1956 (1956-09)
Superintendent Kathleen Graupman
Accreditation(s) New York State Education Department
Schools 11 elementary schools (K–5)
Two middle schools (6–8)
One combined middle/high school (6–12)
One combined junior/senior high school (7–12)
Two senior high schools (9–12)
Budget Increase US$197.6 million (2011–2012)[2]
District ID 3612630[3]
Students and staff
Students Decrease 11,923 (2011–2012)[2]
Teachers Decrease 1,149 (2011–2012)[2]
Staff Decrease 1,347 (2011–2012)[2]
Other information
Unions NYSUT, Greece Teachers' Association
Mailing Address PO Box 300
North Greece, NY 14515

The Greece Central School District is a public school district in New York State that serves approximately 14,000 students in the town of Greece in Monroe County with over 3,700 employees and an operating budget of $180 million (~$13,489 per student).[2]

The average class size is 21 students and the student-teacher ratio is 23:1 (elementary), 14-19:1 (middle-high school).[2]

The district is the largest suburban school district in Monroe County and the eighth-largest district in New York State.[4]

Some 2015 top Greece Central School District salaries:[5]
• 12. Barbara A. Deane (Greece), $212,548.00
• 258. Christina S. Sloane (Greece), $149,117.95
• 276. Lesley S. Flick (Greece), $147,658.71
• 361. Kathleen S. Graupman (Greece), $142,255.08
• 369. Beverly J. Ziegler (Greece), $141,839.98
• 532. Jamie N. Warren (Greece), $134,707.98
• 568. Toyia T. Wilson (Greece), $133,586.89
• 607. Mark A. Balsamo (Greece), $132,565.44
• 878. Diane R. Boni (Greece), $124,962.47
• 939. Kathryn A. Colicchio (Greece), $123,678.45
• 975. Linda A. Pickering (Greece), $122,927.81

Kathleen Graupman is the Superintendent of Schools.


The Greece Central School District was created in July 1928 by combining the former Greece school districts 3, 11, and 16. Until the construction of Greece Olympia High School, students attended John Marshall or Hilton high schools.[6]

Name Tenure
Steven L. Walts 1998 – 2005
Josephine S. Kehoe (interim) October 2005 – October 2006
Steven A. Achramovitch November 2006 – June 2010
Donald O. Nadolinski (acting) July 2010 – July 2010
John R. O’Rourke (interim) July 2010 – June 2011
Barbara A. Deane–Williams July 2011 – July 2015 [4]
Kathleen Graupman July 2015 – Present [7]

Board of education[edit]

The Board of Education (BOE) consists of 9 members who serve rotating 3-year terms. Elections are held each May for board members and to vote on the School District Budget.

Current board members:

  • Sean McCabe, President
  • Terry Melore, Vice President
  • Lisa Christoffel
  • Richard Cunningham
  • Joe Grinnan
  • William Maloney
  • Frank Oberg
  • Mary Caitlin Wight
  • Michael Valicenti


  • Kathleen Graupman - Superintendent of Schools
  • Richard Stutzman - Interim Deputy Superintendent
  • Romeo Colilli - Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Administrative Services
  • Elizabeth Bentley - Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
  • Kathryn Colicchio - Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement and Accountability (Secondary)
  • Valerie Paine - Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement and Student Support Services (Elementary)


By convention, elementary schools are named after the road on which they are located. Middle and high schools use classical Greek names.

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Autumn Lane, Principal - Tasha Potter, Assistant Principal - Kenneth Merkey
  • Brookside, Principal - Anthony Reale, Assistant Principal - Kenneth Merkey
  • Buckman Heights, Principal - Anitra Huchzermeier, Assistant Principal - Michelle Barton
  • Craig Hill, Principal - Melissa Pacelli, Assistant Principal - Kenneth Merkey
  • English Village, Principal - Cheryl Hurst, Assistant Principal - Jason Lewis
  • Holmes Road, Principal - Kristin Tsang, Assistant Principal - Michelle Barton
  • Lakeshore, Principal - James Palermo, Assistant Principal - Jason Lewis
  • Longridge, Principal - Kellie McNair, Assistant Principals - Jason Juszczak and Jamie Naple
  • Paddy Hill, Principal - Sue Streicher, Assistant Principal - Deborah Goodman
  • Pine Brook, Principal - Elizabeth Bolly, Assistant Principal - Deborah Goodman
  • West Ridge, Principal - Tracy DelGrego, Assistant Principal - Derek Warren

Middle schools[edit]

  • Arcadia Middle, Principal - Brian Lumb, Assistant Principals - Michael Ferris and Michael Walker
  • Athena Middle, Principal - Jason Fulkerson, Assistant Principals - Lori Delorme-Shaw and Norma Vetter

High schools[edit]

  • Arcadia High, Principal - Gina Larsen, Assistant Principals - Kristina Cristofori (9th grade), Christina Wawrzyniak (10th & 12th grades) and Mason Moore (11th grade)
  • Athena High, Principal - David Richardson, Assistant Principals - Bryon George (9th and 11th grades) and Susan Fix (10th and 12th grades)

6-12 schools[edit]

  • Odyssey Academy (6-12), Principal - Dr. Jeffrey Green, 6th Grade/AP/IB Teacher on Assignment - Sumara Case, Assistant Principals - Laurie Platt (7th & 9th grades), Lori Ruggeri (8th and 12th grades) and Jeffrey Henley (10th & 11th grades)
  • Olympia School, Principal - Marc Fleming (also 12th grade administrator), Assistant Principals - David Hoffman (6th, 7th and 8th grades), Patricia Chodak (9th grade), Gail Watson (10th grade), and Kelly Flagler (11th grade)


In June 2007, the American Music Conference recognized the district as being among the 2007 "Best 100 Communities for Music Education".[8]

On May 23, 2005, president George W. Bush visited the Athena Performing Arts Center.


see bus monitor bullying video

Controversy arose in June 2012 when several students from Greece Athena Middle School were caught on camera verbally and physically abusing school bus monitor Karen Klein during a bus ride.[9][10] Soon after the video became public, local FM radio station WBZA (98.9 the Buzz) reported the story and it spread virally on the internet Making the Bus Monitor Cry. District officials have promised due process in handling the misconduct by the 7th grade boys[11]


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