Greek National Road 82

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National Road 82 shield

National Road 82
Εθνική Οδός 82
Route information
Length 110 km (70 mi)
Major junctions
West end Pylos
East end Sparti
Regions: Peloponnese
Major cities Kalamata, Sparti
Highway system
National Roads in Greece

Greek National Road 82 (Greek: Εθνική Οδός 82, abbreviated as EO82) is a single carriageway road in southern Greece. It connects Pylos with Sparti via Kalamata. It passes through the regional units Messenia and Laconia, on the Peloponnese peninsula. Its length is 110 km.


The western end of the GR-82 is in the port town Pylos, on the Ionian Sea, where it is connected with the Greek National Road 9. It runs to the east through low hills, passing north of the Lykodimo mountain. It reaches the Messenian Gulf near Velika, and continues near the north shore of the gulf. It passes along Messini and through the city Kalamata, where it is connected with the Greek National Road 7. It leaves Kalamata towards the northeast, and crosses the Taygetus mountains over a pass of about 1300 m elevation. It descends to the city of Sparti, its eastern terminus. Here it is connected with the Greek National Road 39.

The Greek National Road 82 passes through the following places:

Coordinates: 37°03′43″N 22°08′55″E / 37.0619°N 22.1486°E / 37.0619; 22.1486