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Greed Magazine was a music, comics, and culture periodical published in Washington, DC, by Kurt Sayenga from 1986 to 1989. It lasted six issues, and included interviews with such luminaries as Robyn Hitchcock, the Hernandez brothers (creators of Love and Rockets), Sonic Youth, Bob Burden (creator of Flaming Carrot and Mystery Men), Rites of Spring, and Chester Brown (creator of Yummy Fur). The magazine also published the first appearance of Evan Dorkin's popular creations Milk and Cheese, which spawned a comic as well as t-shirts, lunch boxes, and refrigerator magnets.

The first three issues (Late Winter, 1986; Spring, 1987; Fall, 1987) were entirely black and white, with covers by Peter Hayes, while the last three featured color covers, done respectively by Charles Burns (cartoonist), Los Bros Hernandez, and Bob Burden.