Greek (play)

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Written by Steven Berkoff
Date premiered 11 February 1980
Place premiered Half Moon Theatre, London
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting London's East End

Greek is a play by Steven Berkoff.

It was first performed at the Half Moon Theatre in London on 11 February 1980, in a production directed by the author. The cast was:

  • Eddy & Fortune-teller: Barry Philips
  • Dad & Manager of cafe: Matthew Scurfield
  • Wife, Doreen & Waitress 1: Linda Marlowe
  • Mum, Sphinx & Waitress 2: Janet Amsden

It is a retelling of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. Berkoff wrote:

"Greek came to me via Sophocles, trickling its way down the millenia until it reached the unimaginable wastelands of Tufnell Park ... In my eyes, Britain seemed to have become a gradually decaying island, preyed upon by the wandering hordes who saw no future for themselves in a society which had few ideals or messages to offer them." [1]

The play was used as the basis for a well-received opera of the same name composed by Mark-Anthony Turnage and first performed in 1988.[2]


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