Greek Ecologists

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Greek Ecologists

Έλληνες Οικολόγοι
PresidentDimosthenis Vergis
IdeologySocial progressivism
Green politics

The Greek Ecologists (Greek: Έλληνες Οικολόγοι, romanizedEllines Ιkoloyi) (previously Union of Ecologists, Greek: Ένωση Οικολόγων, romanizedEnosi Ιkoloyon) is a Greek "fringe"[1] and "bizarre ecological party".[2]

The party's president is Dimosthenis Vergis, a former auto-worker, trade unionist, journalist, and peace activist. Vergis has been described as a "self-styled ecologist"[3] and "a self-styled, modern-day Dionysus – God of wine, revelry and fertility".[4]

Vergis usually deploys naked female party workers in his campaigns and has posed nude for campaign posters and pamphlets, flirting "with any female journalist that comes within groping distance".[5] He supports the legalisation of cannabis[6] and unrestricted nudism.

The Greek Ecologists and its leader are not accepted as a Green party by the Ecologist Greens, which enjoys international recognition as Greece's green party. The Ecologist Greens have condemned Vergis, stating: "The public can be assured that the political culture of Ecologist Greens and the Green movement in general has nothing to do with behaviour that makes a mockery or which, through strange - at least - and disastrous interests (such as abuses, money laundering), has damaged the interest in the environment and the political perspectives of ecology in Greece."[7]


In 1997, an Athens prosecutor issued a warrant for Vergis' arrest after his party published a poster in which he appeared nude with a smaller picture of International Association of Athletics Federations president Primo Nebiolo inset near Vergis' genitals.[8]

In August 1998, lawyers representing the Archbishop of Athens successfully went to court to prevent the party using a poster in the municipal elections showing Vergis shaking hands with the archbishop.[9]

During the 2000 general election, in which he openly campaigned with semi-nude models, Vergis was described as a "joker" by deputy labour minister Christos Protopappas.[10]

The party was prohibited from participating in the 2004 general election on the order of the Greek supreme court.[11] Subsequently it was renamed to Greek Ecologists.

In 2009 for the European election the famous trash TV singer Nikos Katelis (well known as Katman) became a candidate for this party. His speech in Kolonaki square was show live on Alter Channel. He lost the elections.

Electoral results[edit]

Results since 1993
(year links to election page)
Year Type of Election Votes % Mandates Notes
1993 Parliament 5,378 0.08 - as Union of Ecologists
1994 European Parliament - - - as Union of Ecologists
1996 Parliament 19,934 0.29 - as Union of Ecologists
1999 European Parliament 30,684 0.48 - as Union of Ecologists
2000 Parliament 20,466 0.30 - as Union of Ecologists
2004 Parliament - - - -
2004 European Parliament 32,956 0.54 - as Greek Ecologists
2007 Parliament 1,740 0.02 - as Greek Ecologists
2009 European Parliament 31,188 0.61 - as Greek Ecologists
2009 Parliament 20,019 0.29 - as Greek Ecologists
May 2012 Parliament 66 0.00 - as Greek Ecologists
June 2012 Parliament - - - as Greek Ecologists
2014 European Parliament 5.608 0.10 - as Greek Ecologists
2019 European Parliament 11.511 0.20 - as Greek Ecologists


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