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Greece national baseball team
Country  Greece
Federation Hellenic Amateur Baseball Federation (HABF)
Confederation Confederation of European Baseball
Manager Iosif Vrionis
Olympic Games
Appearances 1 (First in 2004)
Best result 7th
World Cup
Appearances 1 (First in 2011)
Best result 16th
European Championship
Appearances 6 (2003: 2nd , 2005: 9th, 2010: 4th, 2012: 7th, 2014: 10th, 2016: 11th) (First in 2003)
Best result 2nd

The Greek national baseball team is the baseball team that represents Greece in international play.

2004 Olympics[edit]

The first time that Greece put together a national team that got any recognition in the baseball world was during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Greece, as the host country, was faced with the dilemma that the actual baseball talent pool in the country was very small, and what players were available were amateur. However, as a result of lenient citizenship laws, various minor leaguers from the United States were able to play for the Greeks. Among the better known players were Baltimore Orioles prospect Nick Markakis, former Major Leaguer Clay Bellinger and various other players of Greek descent. The team's American coach, Dusty Rhodes[1] led them to a 7th-place finish in the tournament, with a single win against Italy.

Tournament results[edit]

Olympic Games

Year Position
Greece 2004 7th
Total 1/5

European Baseball Championship

Year Position
Netherlands 2003 Silver 2nd
Czech Republic 2005 9th
Germany 2010 4th
Netherlands 2012 7th
Czech Republic, Germany 2014 10th
Netherlands 2016 11th
Total 6/35

Baseball World Cup

Year Position
Panama 2011 16th
Total 1/39

Current roster[edit]

Greece roster
Official roster Coaching staff
  • 36 Angelos Argyropoulos
  • 41 Theodoros Bourdaniotis
  • 14 Costa Christo Kapothanasis
  • 38 Jonathan Kountis
  • 28 Evagelos Orfanakos
  • 31 Iosif Vrionis
  • 13 George Andrews
  • 12 Thomas Lekas
  • 27 Jordan Thliveris


  • 44 Alexandros Gounaris
  • 20 Panagiotis Cheilakis
  • 5 Peter Maestrales
  • 22 Alexandros Lomis
  • 24 Dimitrios Lomis


  • 11 Max Gouoren
  • 6 George Tsouloufas
  • 18 Konstantinos Kanellopoulos
  • 31 Iosif Vrionis


  • 15 John Bissylas
  • 19 Mike Loizides
  • 54 Tom Mazarakis
Updated 1 August 2017


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