Greek National Road 20

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National Road 20 shield

National Road 20
Εθνική Οδός 20
Major junctions
West end: Ioannina
East end: Kozani
Regions: Epirus, West Macedonia
Major cities: Ioannina, Konitsa, Siatista, Kozani
Highway system
National Roads in Greece

Greek National Road 20 (Greek: Εθνική Οδός 20, abbreviated as EO20) is a single carriageway road in northwestern Greece. It links the cities of Ioannina and Kozani via Konitsa and Siatista. It passes through the Ioannina, Kastoria and the Kozani regional units. Since the opening of the A2 (Egnatia Odos), it is no longer the fastest connection between Kozani and Ioannina. The section between Ioannina and Kalpaki is part of the European route E853.


The western end of the Greek National Road 20 is in the centre of Ioannina, where it is connected with the national roads GR-5, GR-6 and GR-17. It runs northwest towards Kalpaki (junction with GR-22), where it turns northeast towards Konitsa. Between Konitsa and Tsotyli it passes through the Pindus mountains. The section between Neapoli and Siatista is shared with the GR-15. From Siatista the GR-20 continues east, until it reaches the city Kozani, its eastern terminus.

The Greek National Road 20 passes through the following places (west to east):

Coordinates: 40°12′06″N 21°11′39″E / 40.2017°N 21.1942°E / 40.2017; 21.1942