Greek National Road 39

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Greek National Road 39 is a national highway of Greece. It connects Tripoli with Sparti and Gytheio. It is connected with the GR-7 (Corinth - Kalamata) in Tripoli, with the Moreas Motorway (Corinth - Kalamata) south of Tripoli, with the GR-82 (Pylos - Kalamata - Sparti) in Sparti, and with the GR-86 (Krokees - Monemvasia) in Krokees. The GR 39 coincides with the European route E961 for most of its length.

Coordinates: 37°06′44″N 22°25′55″E / 37.1121°N 22.4320°E / 37.1121; 22.4320