Greek National Road 42

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The Greek National Road 42 is a highway in northwestern Aetolia-Acarnania and in Lefkada, Greece. It links the town of Lefkada with the Greek National Road 5 (Antirrio - Arta - Ioannina) in Amfilochia, passing through the town of Vonitsa.

The eastern part of the GR-42, between Amfilochia and Vonitsa, runs along the southern shore of the Ambracian Gulf. The highway contains a bridge over the Vonitsa Lagoon. A drawbridge form the connection of the island of Lefkada to the mainland. The road ends in the town of Lefkada.


The GR-42 passes through the following towns (ordered from west to east):

Coordinates: 38°55′17″N 20°56′16″E / 38.9215°N 20.9379°E / 38.9215; 20.9379