Greek National Road 6

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National Road 6 shield

National Road 6
Εθνική Οδός 6
Route information
Length: 354 km (220 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Igoumenitsa
East end: Volos
Regions: Epirus, Thessaly
Major cities: Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Trikala, Larissa, Volos
Highway system
National Roads in Greece

Greek National Road 6 (Greek: Εθνική Οδός 6, abbreviated as EO6) is a national road in north-central Greece. It begins at the port of Igoumenitsa and ends at Volos, passing through the towns Ioannina, Metsovo, Trikala and Larissa. The section between Metsovo and Volos is part of the European route E92. The road runs through five regional units (Thesprotia, Ioannina, Trikala, Larissa and Magnesia) and the regions of Epirus and Thessaly.

The route begins in Igoumenitsa. It passes north of Ioannina and its lake, near Perama. It crosses the Pindus mountains, passing through Metsovo. It runs through Kalampaka and bypasses Trikala. It then passes into the plain and runs through Larissa. Between the southeast of Larissa and Velestino, it has been replaced by the A1 motorway. From Velestino it continues east and it ends at the Aegean port of Volos. As of 2015, the section between Trikala and Larissa has been upgraded to a dual carriageway and has expressway standards.[1] The new A2 motorway offers a faster connection between Igoumenitsa, Ioannina and Metsovo.



Port of Igoumenitsa, the start of GR-6
Katara Pass, the mountain pass between Ioannina and Trikala, at 1700 m. height
Regional unit Jun./Exit Name Destinations Notes
Thesprotia BSicon BOOT.svg Port of Igoumenitsa Autokinetodromos A2 number.svg
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Igoumenitsa
AB-AZ.svg Parapotamos GR-EO-18.svg
Ioannina Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Ioannina GR-EO-5.svg GR-EO-20.svg
AB-AZ.svg Metsovo Autokinetodromos A2 number.svg
BSicon bRP2-8l.svg Katara Pass
AB-AZ.svg Panagia Autokinetodromos A2 number.svg (future Autokinetodromos A3 number.svg)
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Kalabaka GR-EO-15.svg
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Trikala GR-EO-30.svg
1 AB-AZ-blau.svg Trikala 1 GR-EO-30.svg
2 AB-AS-grün.svg Trikala 2 Autokinetodromos A3 number.svg
3 AB-AZ-blau.svg Megalochori
4 AB-AS-blau.svg Taxiarches
5 AB-AS-blau.svg Georganades
6 AB-AS-blau.svg Farkadona
7 AB-AS-blau.svg Zarko
8 AB-AS-blau.svg Piniada
9 AB-AZ-blau.svg Tirnavos, Elassona
Larissa 10 AB-AS-blau.svg Koutsochero
11 AB-AZ-blau.svg Madra
12 AB-AS-blau.svg Rachoula
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Larissa GR-EO-108.svg Autokinetodromos A1 number.svg
AB-AZ.svg Platykampos
Magnesia AB-AZ.svg Velestino Autokinetodromos A1 number.svg Autokinetodromos A12 number.svg
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Volos GR-EO-34.svg

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Coordinates: 39°46′11″N 21°27′39″E / 39.7696°N 21.4609°E / 39.7696; 21.4609