Greek National Road 65

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National Road 65 shield

National Road 65
Εθνική Οδός 65
Major junctions
North end: Kilkis
South end: Thessaloniki
Regions: Central Macedonia
Highway system
National Roads in Greece

Greek National Road 65 is a national highway of Greece. It connects the Greek National Road 2 at Diavata, a northwestern suburb of Thessaloniki, with Kilkis. Most of the National-Road has been upgraded to a Motor-Road, connecting Thessaloniki via Kilkis with Doirani, the eastern border of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia.

The Road will be constructed as a Motor-Road, the part Nea Santa until Kilkis are ready, the second part after Kilkis will be constructed until 2014.

Exit Interchange Slip road Notes
Kilkis North, Metalliko
Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - K-24.svg
Kilkis South
Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - K-24.svg
Nea Santa
Langadas Interchange
Autokinetodromos A25 number.svg


Coordinates: 40°51′30″N 22°53′43″E / 40.8582°N 22.8953°E / 40.8582; 22.8953