List of Greek Orthodox patriarchs of Antioch

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The patriarch of Antioch is one of the Eastern Orthodox patriarchs, the leader of the autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch. The term "Greek" does not refer to ethnic origin; the majority of these patriarchs were not ethnic Greeks. It refers to the fact that this church follows the Chalcedonian Orthodoxy associated with the (Greek-speaking) Byzantine Empire. Since 518, there have been two Orthodox patriarchs of Antioch: the Chalcedonian ones listed here, and the non-Chalcedonian Syriac Orthodox patriarchs of Antioch.

Greek Orthodox patriarchs of Antioch from 518 to 1724[edit]

After 1098, the patriarchate was in exile, at first at Constantinople, having been replaced by a Latin patriarch.

With Theodosius, the patriarchate returned to Antioch.

With Ignatius, the patriarchate transferred to Damascus.

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch split into two factions in 1724 as the Melkite Greek Catholic Church broke communion with the Orthodox Church and established communion with the Catholic Church. Both groups recognize the same list of patriarchs for the period before 1724, but have had different patriarchs since.

Greek Orthodox patriarchs of Antioch after 1724[edit]


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