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LaunchedDecember 2002; 16 years ago (2002-12)
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The Greek Wikipedia (also Hellenic Wikipedia, Elliniki Vikipedia, Greek: Ελληνική Βικιπαίδεια, also mentioned in Greek as Βικιπαιδεία) is the Greek-language edition of Wikipedia, the free online wikipedia. It was started on December 1, 2002. It surpassed the 10,000 article mark on May 16, 2006. As of May 23, 2019, it is the 47th largest Wikipedia, behind Slovenian and ahead of Galician.

Greek Wikipedia is the main free internet encyclopedia written in Greek. Its main competitor, Livepedia, started on 2004, had more than 100.000 articles. Many articles of Livepedia were republished articles from donations of various publishing houses and the site was also a wiki. Approximately 250 articles are coming at least partially from Livepedia, thanks to the Livepedia's use of GFDL until November 1, 2008. As of 2018, Greek Wikipedia's pageviews surpassed the 250 million annually. The daily pageviews of Greek Wikipedia vary within the year; peaking in the winter period (late November to mid March), while the months with the least pageviews are usually June, July and August.[1] The active users are more than 1,000 today (as of May 15, 2019). The highest and lowest active users' numbers are recorded in the same period.

The community of Greek Wikipedia has organized some meetups as well. Since 2011, the Wikimedia User Group Greece has aided in the organization of various promotional activities, as well and some article contests.


Origin of edits (February 2017) [2]
United States
United Kingdom

As of May 2019, the Greek Wikipedia:[3]

  • was 47th largest by number of articles (162,315)
  • had 22 administrators
  • had 274,318 registered users, of whom 1,098 were active
  • had been edited 7,518,965 times

As of May 2019, Greek Wikipedia is usually visited by 5,500,000 to 6,500,000 unique devices per month,[4] while the unique devices per day are approximately 440,000.[5]

The origin of pageviews is mainly from Greece. The remainder of the pageviews comes from Cyprus, Germany, United States, United Kingdom and other countries.[6] As of May 2019, Greece is the source for the bulk of the pageviews, being the source for nearly 27,000,000 pageviews out of 32,500,000 on the same month.[7]

As of May 2019, Greek Wikipedia receives approximately 30,000,000 pageviews per month, with a peak at winter months.[8] Together with an increasing number of articles and improvements on quality, the pageviews have improved substantially in the last three years.[8]

Since 2017, the annual article growth amounts to 15,000 articles annually, while the average monthly growth amounts to 1,020-1,300 articles per month.


Early years[edit]

Greek Wikipedia was created on 1 December 2002. At the first months of existence, the new articles were very small and a handful of users was contributing, some of them just adding interwikis to other Wikipedias.[9] The first Wikiproject were launched on November 2005.[9]

Article count[edit]

The Greek Wikipedia was created on 4 December 2002. On 16 May 2006 it reached 10,000 articles. On 10 October 2006 it reached 15,000 articles, while on 17 March 2007 it reached 20,000 articles. On this period there were 30 new articles being created every day, while there were 50 active users.[10] In December of that year the Greek Wikipedia reached 30,000 articles,[11] while on 14 February 2009 it reached 40,000 articles. Fourteen months later, on 10 April 2010, it reached 50,000 articles; eleven months later, on 8 March 2011 it reached 60,000 articles. In February 2012 it had 70,000 articles, while 252 days later it reached 80,000 articles.

In July 2013, it reached 90,000 articles, while 271 days later it reached 100,000 articles, while 195 days later it reached 110,000 articles. In 11 July 2016, after 629 days, it reached 120,000 articles, due to the general recount of late March 2015 which removed several thousand redirects from the mainspace.[12] As a result, the article count fell to 105,500 articles, while before the recount the article count was 119,500 articles.[13]

Number of articles Date Days intervening
1 1 December 2002
10,000 16 May 2006 1262
20,000 17 March 2007 305
30,000 27 December 2007 285
40,000 14 February 2009 415
50,000 10 April 2010 420
60,000 8 March 2011 332
70,000 22 February 2012 351
80,000 1 November 2012 254
90,000 12 July 2013 252
100,000 9 April 2014 271
110,000 21 October 2014 195
120,000 11 July 2016 629
130,000 18 April 2017 281
140,000 23 November 2017 219
150,000 1 August 2018 250
160,000 17 March 2019 227

Users and editors[edit]

Greek Wikipedia statistics
Number of user accounts Number of articles Number of files Number of administrators
286857 169899 17477 22


In 2019 the Greek Wikipedia has 60 thousand unique categories and 6.37% of them do not have appropriate page in the category namespace. The average article in this language version has 8 categories, while number of unique categories per articles ratio is 0.374. The largest number of articles has Geography (13%) and Arts (10%) category. In Greek Wikipedia articles related to Food and drink and Sports has the highest average quality. Content about Health is read more often and articles in Entertainment category have the highest authors' interest on average.[14]


In the press[edit]

In the press, Wikipedia has been referred as a good source of information;[15] however periodically it has been criticised for having a non-neutral point of view in political articles. Also, Greek Wikipedia has received extensive coverage from the Greek-language press for some of its actions, such as the anniversary of 10 years since its opening.[16][17] In addition to, full articles of Greek Wikipedia or parts of them are often included in news articles and other websites in Greek language.


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Further reading[edit]


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